The Best Thai Experience at Cats Cafe Des Artistes

Last week I took a week off work and I really needed it to be a good week. My last annual leave break was plagued with period pains and migraines and after what has been a stressful few months, I had high hopes for the week. You’ll be happy to hear guys that my week was AMAZING. I worked on my brands and got more clear on my direction, I spent time working from my unit at Peckham Levels for three days and I also was able to take time out to catch up with some of my life long friends. Friday night saw me catch up with the talented director and producer Jason Nwansi. We had made plans to dine at Cats Cafe Des Artistes before heading to a party after.

I love food and thai food has always been a firm favourite for me. My go-to Thai restaurant closed down in South London and I didn’t believe for a second anything would top it but I was left overwhelmed with how phenomenal the food was. I will go as far as saying that I have not tasted a Thai dish that would come close to the excellence on offer at Cats Cafe.

If I was to judge the decor before I tasted the food I would think that the food was basic because as far as decor goes, one thing Cats Cafe Des Artistes has is character but it’s not plush or decadant by any means. In-fact the venue is quite cluttered, filled with picture frames all over the walls and quite dated interiors anf furniture. However, once I learned about how long Cats Cafe Des Artistes has been where its located (over 20 years) I realised that how it looked added to its allure and mass appeal. There was in-fact a great deal of history within these walls.

Usually when you eat out, you will find some dishes are better than others. In this case, every dish from the starters and the mains completely stood alone. Everythig was cooked to perfection, pleasing to the appetite and so delicious that it left me wanting more and I will without a doubt be returning to Cats Cafe Des Artistes very soon.

What did I order?

Between us, Nwansi and I tucked into a feast for a King and Queen. I opted for a prawn gyoza, chicken and prawn on toast and chicken pieces. The first thing that struck me even before I began to sample the food was how bright and vibrant the meal was. It also tasted so fresh and you could tell immediately that it was prepared freshly and not reheated.

For my the main dishes I ordered a king prawn in oyster sauce (mouthwatering) with a side of egg friend rice. I also had some of Mr Nwansi’s Chicken in Oyster sauce which was equally satisfying. To drink, I had a fresh apple juice which was froathy and full of flavour. We also added a plate of vegetable springs rolls which we both struggled to eat towards the end.

I was lucky to be treated to this amazing meal so didn’t contribute anything to the final cost. Nonetheless, this amazing spread of food whcih consisted of multiple starters and mains cost just over £80 and Nwansi would agree that this was worth every single penny.

View the full menu HERE


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