The Sasha Shantel Guide to Good Skin

There is no denying that when a gal’s skin is glowing, everything else just works, Your hair falls in place, your outfit looks banging and you feel able to take on the world and any and everything it throws at you.

But when your skin will no cooperate it can have a detrimental effect on your self-esteem. We’ve all been told about simple things that you can do that like drink more water and don’t sleep with make up on but what else can you do to ensure your skin feels and looks its best?
Look no further that our tried and tested list of things that you can implement to have healthy, glowing skin. (All written from a woman who has battled with breakouts for most of her life!)

1. Only exfoliate 1-2 times a week

If your skin in spot prone or you have oily skin, it’s essential that you do not aggravate the skin too much and excessive use of facial scrubs do this. The rubbing in of the scrub into your skin can cause your skin to produce too much oil and as a result you get more spots. There are of course a number of key benefits of exfoliating such as: helping the skin to produce fresh skin cells, removing dead cells from pores helping to make them appear more smaller. However, it is important that you do not make it an part of your everyday skincare regime.

2. Drink Jasmine and Black Tea

Yes, because even in the herbal tea world, some teas do not get enough credit or recognition for just how bomb they are! An avid drinker of Nettle and Ginger Tea (which are both amazing for the skin). Jasmine and Black Tea also work wonders for your skin. Jasmine tea is filled with anti viral and bacterial properties which promote healthy skin. It is also used to treat conditions like eczema and acne and reduces oil production as well as help to balance your hormones! Phew! Black Tea is also a life saver for problem skin as it is filled with anti-oxidants and actively helps to encourage a healthy immune system.

3. Reduce the urge of picking/bursting your pimples by using Sudocrem

Yes sis, you read that right. The white creamy lotion used to help calm nappy rash and skin irritations is one of the best products you can ever use on your skin. The lotion is filled with calming properties than help to reduce itching and inflammations that can be caused by spots. It is also an amazing face mask and leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother and calms down the burning and itching excessively.

4. Wash your makeup brushes weekly

I know, it is one of the most dreaded tasks ever and is tiresome but cleaning your make-up brushes regularly is vital for good skin. Soak your brushes in warm water and invest in a good make-up brush cleaner. The amount of bacteria, dust and dirt that lays on the bristles of your brushes is scary so do your bit and make washing your make-up brushes a major part of your self-care regime.

5. Steam your face before you apply a face mask

I absolutely love watching YouTubers’s and have watched my fair share of beauty bloggers in particular share their advice on the face masks you should be investing in. However, one thing I have noted time and time again is the fact that many do not steam their faces first before applying a mask. They instead apply the product on a clean face. As much as this is great; in order for the mask to really benefit the skin, it is vital that you take time to open your pores. Steam your face for 3-5 minutes by standing over a warm bowl of water and put a towel over your head to intensify the steam. Then rinse your face off with water, pat dry and then apply your face mask. Make sure to follow the instructions on the packet of the mask you are using to ensure you do not over process your skin as this can have detrimental effects also.

6. Use the correct products for your skin type

I’ve heard so many women use a product on their face because it was recommended by a friend or because they read a positive review on it. However, it is not for their skin. In order to establish whether a product is right for you, you need to establish whether you have any allergies, whether you can use products that contain perfume. You also need to be sure of what your skin type is. Is your skin type normal, oily, combination or dry and they look for products that are made with your specific skin type in mind.

7. Be Happy

That’s right. It’s a known fact that a positive mindset and raising your vibrations, practicing exercises that help to reduce stress and undertaking holistic therapies like Reiki and meditation can help improve your skin and overall wellbeing. If you are battling with your skin right now, don’t give up, look at your diet and your lifestyle practices and be committed to making changes to your current routine.


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