3 Ways to Get Your Dream Body in the New Year

As we end 2021 and head into a new year, chances are you’re already planning your weight and fitness goals among other things. Now, before you rush off to check out the latest weight loss diet or exercise equipment, it’s important to note that you can probably get in better shape without those two things. 

All you need is a bit of consistency, solid proven information –which you’ll learn here- and actually doing what you’ll read here. The tips in this article are specifically meant for women because the way women’s bodies store and process fat is different from men’s. 

This way, you’ll actually end up doing what works. If you actually practice everything you’ll learn here and avoid overcomplicating it, you will shed at least 20 percent of your current body weight in less than 12 months. 

Take Advantage of Intermittent Fasting

You’ve probably heard of this in the past. Intermittent fasting means that you only eat within a certain time window during the day, and nothing afterward. For many women, the ideal intermittent fasting routine is 12-16 hours of no meals and 8-12 hours during which you can eat controlled portions and/or one heavy meal. 

If you want, you can drink some water during the “fasting” period of the day. But that’s all. You should avoid high-calorie foods like sweets, sugary drinks, and other things that can make you gain weight. This way, you won’t end up consuming far too many calories than you should. 

Eat More Proteins

Now, there are people who think that you need to cut out carbs from your diet if you need to lose weight. But the problem with that approach is you’ll struggle to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, low energy levels often lead to sugar cravings, which is why people on zero-carb diets tend to easily abandon these meal programs. Instead, what you want to do is divide your meal portions into three parts. 

One and a half parts should contain proteins, one part carbs, and the last half part, fats. This is a great way to keep your meals balanced and maintain optimal caloric intake in the process.

Combine Cardio and Strength Training

You also need to actively exercise. This will not only help you burn fat, it’ll also ensure that you build muscles, which further leads to even more fat loss. The best form of exercise for fat loss and muscle building is a combination of cardio and strength training. 

Cardio exercises include running, jogging, cycling, and skipping. Any exercise that gets your heart rate up is called cardio. Strength training exercises include all forms of weight lifting or resistance training. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions are a great option for this too. 

Remember that there are lots of aids like pre-workout supplements, protein powders, HGH supplements like GHRP-6, post-workout supplements, and more that will help you lose weight faster and build muscle in the process. 

If you practice all three things without overcomplicating anything and stay consistent with this, you can be sure that you’ll have a kickass body that you be proud of by the end of next year.

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