What Role Does Blogging Play in a Small Business?

When it comes to setting up a small business, you will have a list of priorities; chances are blogging is fairly low on that list, but that shouldn’t be the case. Blogging has been around for a while, but it has lasted for a reason. Blogging is a free and fast way to build a loyal audience.  

It attracts new customers to the website 

When you’ve finished creating your latest blog post filled with amazing insights into your business, products, and niche, it’s time to publish it through content channels. Content channels include social media channels, customer e-mail channels, e-books, and through video content. 

Hopefully, you have subscribers and followers on your various channels ready to consume your latest work and visit your website. If you want to increase your following, you could try offering gated or exclusive content. Creating content that speaks to your audience brings them back.  

It helps search engines rank your business 

Search engines are looking for websites that offer genuine insights to searchers; they are also looking for content written for a human audience that is not stuffed full of keywords. If you want your business to rank better on search engines, try to blog regularly and ensure content quality. 

The key to ranking high on search engines is understanding your target audience. When you know what the pain points are for your target audience, you know what search terms they are likely to use. Create relevant posts and use the best cloud storage for your content calendar. 

It’s a chance to promote your products

Blogging should not be overly promotional. Promotional content tends to put readers off, affecting every aspect of your content marketing strategy. That said, you can’t ignore the promotional side of blogging either; after all, it’s a valuable opportunity to promote products. 

If you intend to promote a product through a blog post, try to make the article as personal and unique as possible. Trial the product yourself and create a short promotional video – this can be the content of a post. Alternatively, write about something unrelated and include a product link.    

Blogging can be another revenue stream 

If you understand your niche and you have a tight focus on your business, you can profit from advertising on your website. Google Adsense is the most popular way to monetize your blog, but you will have to qualify for the service. Google favors websites that offer relevant content. 

Adsense income is based on clicks and can range from $0.20 to $15 for one. Depending on the quality, relevance, and frequency of your blog posts, you can earn more or less from this service. Additionally, you can profit from your website by including affiliate links to products. 

Blogging helps you connect with a network 

When you publish blog posts in your niche regularly, you have a chance to connect with other writers and small business owners in your niche. This offers a wealth of opportunities for you. Firstly, you build a network, but you can also promote each other’s websites and guest post. 


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