4 Ways Better Self-Care Can Lead To Success

Too often when we are pursuing our dreams and goals taking care of ourselves our self-care is the first thing that gets pushed aside for things seen as more important; running our business, our employment, social commitments, family obligations.Yes, these things are important but in our fast paced and increasingly competitive lives and world though slightly slowed by the current global pandemic, it is also more important than ever that we take time to ourselves when we need it.

Taking the time to maintain our physical, emotional and mental health is an important factor of maintaining good health and can lead to greater success in many ways. In fact, I believe self care is vital if we want to optimise our performance in any area of our lives. Here’s why…

Helps us to maintain perspective

All too often it becomes easy to loose our perspective especially if we are feeling stressed or over whelmed. What we choose to do isn’t as importance as long as the form of self-care we use allows us the time to reflect and therefore better understand ourselves as individuals. When we have a better relationship with ourselves we more in tune to our triggers and are able to put things in to perspective and manage our day to day life with greater ease. This perspective contributes to a healthier life as we understand how to deal with the natural stresses and strains of life and where we should be more relaxed.

More Positive

Self-care is great for our mental and emotional wellbeing women who invest time in taking care of themselves are more likely to be more optimistic and see the silver linings in challenging experiences. It is an effective way for maintaining positive moods, rather than succumbing to negative emotions.

Relationships Improve

It should really go without saying, but in case you need to hear it again, investing time in ourselves, in other words filling our own buckets means we are better placed to interact with and give support to others especially in our intimate circle such as friends and families. Practicing self-care allows us to maintain our own health and therefore put us in a better place to be able to engage with others and maintain stronger relationships.

Improves our work performance

If you ever thought of self-care as indulgent think again as it often has a much broader impact that goes beyond our own lives. Women who invest in self-care are more likely to be healthier, both physically and mentally, and are therefore better prepared to perform at work. They are likely to be more focused, more emotionally stable and form stronger, more positive relationships.

All of these things are vastly beneficial either in the workplace or on your journey as an entrepreneur, as it often leads to greater performance.

Taking the time to establish a good self-care routine and practices, whatever this looks like to you, and you will find that you will be more able to stay focused on your goals and to deal with the natural ups and downs of life as well as the challenges that are a necessary as we pursue turning our dreams into reality.


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