The Costs Of Running A Massage Business

If you’re looking to run a business that offers some relaxation, relief, and real improvements to both physical and mental health, then offering your services as a massage therapist can be a great hands-on way to make a real difference. However, as with any business, you’re going to need to cover the costs of running it and it’s always a good idea to get an idea of what those costs are before you get up and running, so here are a few to keep in mind.

Getting trained and licensed

Depending on the type of massage that you want to offer your clients, then you may need to have a license from your local authority, and some proof of the requisite training to be able to offer your services to your clients safely. Of course, it can be a good idea to get more formal training regardless so that you’re better able to offer a pleasant and effective therapy service. To that end, you may want to look at some accredited massage courses. Even if you don’t technically need one for the type of massage services you offer, it can help to sell your services a little better.

The equipment for the job

If you’re opening up your own massage centre, then you will have the building and workplace costs to consider, but a lot of smaller businesses start off by visiting clients, instead. To that end, you’re still going to need your massage table, and you want to make sure you invest in things like high-quality massage bolsters so that you can offer as comfortable an experience as possible, too. You may need to also consider buying or leasing a vehicle that is able to transport all of your gear easily.

Keeping yourself supplied

You’re not likely to have to buy the equipment that you need on a regular basis, but you might want to look into a good place to buy cost-effective supplies for your services. This includes things like oils for massage therapies, as well as cleaning products for your equipment. You may even want to invest in a few uniforms, as they can do a great job at lending you a more professional appeal when working with your clients.

Helping the business thrive

Aside from the training, equipment, and resources you need, you want to make sure that you’re also putting the necessary money into ensuring that your potential clients are aware of your services and know where to find them. It’s not all that expensive to get a website up and running nowadays, but you might want to save some budget for marketing so that you’re able to better connect with your potential customers online, make them more aware of your business, and to increase the chances of them visiting your site or getting in touch.

Massage therapy can be a lucrative career to get into, but you need to make sure that you have the funding to cover those costs before you try to get up and running.


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