My Current Favourite Scent – Vera Wang ‘Princess’

Guys, I have developed a major love for perfumes and have quite an extensive collection so I have decided to share my scent of the week on I have also been coming up with a few additional sections that I will be introducing shortly including: The Luxe List– my compilations of my top picks from high end/ high fashion brands and Fashion Focus– Sharing my views on celebrity fashion collaborations with the leading Fast fashion brands. is expanding and I am really excited about where I will be taking this site over the coming months.

This weeks scent of the week is Vera Wang’s Princess, a new a favourite due to its luscious scent which is my go to for day-to-day wear. I don’t think it is strong enough for wearing in the evening but it is perfect for wearing to work and out and about to brunch or daytime meetings. I have a thing for pretty bottles and this one is no exception. The lid is actually a mini crown and fits perfectly on the top of the perfume as a lid.

Launched in 2006, this beautiful scent has Top Notes of Water Lily, Pink Guava and Base Notes of chiffon and Vanilla. It also includes an amazing combination of apple, mandarin meringue, dark chocolate, amber and musk. So you would excuse me for suggesting that it is without a doubt smells good enough to eat.

This perfume is a great and affordable option for any of you who want to expand your collection and if you haven’t tried it; it is highly recommended.

Get yours HERE


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