4 Sensual Scents Every Woman Needs To Own

Aside from a woman finding and honing her signature style, she also needs to establish her signature scents for both day and night. The perfume industry is expansive with new perfumes being released almost on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, we there are some scents that stand the test of time and are always a beauty staple. Check out our Top 4 picks you need to own.

Mugler Alien

Mugler Alien is without a doubt proving to be a must have handbag essential. This unique and stand out scent provides the ultimate expression of female sensuality and femininity. This subtle but long lasting scent is perfect for the night-time and has top notes of Jasmine, heart notes of Woody notes and base notes of amber. We are also in love with the bottle.

60ml- £77

Chanel No5

No matter how many releases that come after it. This was Audrey Hepburn’s signature scent through the day and night and it is also mine. This scent is clean, sexy and screams confidence you only need to spray a few pumps on your pulse points once, and it does not need to be topped up. It is one of the most recognisable scents in the world with every beauty writer and blogger alike appreciating its sheer brilliance.

Chanel No 5 is a refined, floral, soft fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of modern floral’s with sandalwood and vanilla.

100ml- £113

Marc Jacobs, Daisy

Daisy is fruity and sweet and brings you to a space of pure elation. It smells good enough to eat which isn’t surprising as its top notes are filled with wild berries and white violets, its heart notes are made up of Jasmine Infusions and its base notes are made up of Sandalwood. Its beautifully crafted floral shaped bottle captures the essence of woman’s femininity perfectly.

100ml- £62.95

Dolce and Gabbana 3 L’Imperatrice

Inspired by tarot cards and their marks, this bestselling Dolce and Gabbana fragrance is a bestseller and its clear to see why are you smell it. It’s the fruitiness and long lasting elements of it which make this a must to add to your current collection if you haven’t got it already. It’s top notes are made up of rhubarb, kiwi and red current. Its heart notes are made up of water melon and its base notes are made up of mush. Pure lushness!!!

100ml £27.99

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