Hidden Fashion Wins Again With This Pink Number!

Guys, listen we are definitely going to ignore the Elephant in the room and disregard the fact that I haven’t stuck to my own blogging schedule! I know, I know but life has really taken over and I had to take a step back from content creating. As much as I recognise more than anyone that consistency is in-fact the key to growth.

I also am a Life coach and I also recognise that if you’re just not in the right head space or don’t feel connected with what you’re doing; you need to ultimately take a step back and that is exactly what I did. I went away planned upcoming content, set up some new collaborations and planned how I was going to expand and grow my online presence. I have so much to reveal but I owe it to myself to speak less and allow my output to do the talking. So with that being said; I haven’t shot any new looks in weeks but that has been down to the fact that I have been working on my body, exercising daily and cutting back on my eating; as I developed some rather shabby eating habits on and off since lockdown and just weren’t entirely happy with my body. In this time away, I have been revisiting past shoots and this is one that needs to be added to the blog because this dress was a dream to shoot and secondly it’s still available so deserves a mention.

I have dedicated a number of my fashion posts to Hidden Fashion before and that is simply down to the fact that they offer amazing and affordable fashion for less. I honestly don’t like to spend an arm and a leg on clothing and encourage my readers to shop for affordable pieces that look expensive. Hidden Fashion offer both affordability, quality and on-trend pieces and this dress; originally from Lavish Alice is EVERYTHING. I cannot express how comfortable this dress is. The material used to make the dress is to a high quality. I am in-love with the thrill detailing as well as the beautiful shade of pink which is not overbearing or too bright.

To complete the look, I teamed this dress with my colourful sandals from Ego official and my gorgeous black clutch with gold detailing from YSL; earrings are from Primark. The dope thing is this dress is still available and is only £6! yes my loves; you read that right!

Get yours HERE


The Finest Green Co-Ord You Need

Stylish, sophisticated, good quality and affordable. This co-ord ticks all the boxes. I will continue to sing about just how great co-ords are for the modern woman’s closet. You can create three outfit options by purchasing one co-ord outfit. Not only is this cost-effective but it saves you time because once you put the three looks together, you can grab and go. Fashion made easy.

The Perfect Orange Dress From Shein

This orange dress is sexy and classy and deserved to be shot in a studio setting. I love the tie-up front detail and the sexiness of this fit. I have always said and I will say it gain. Orange looks fabulous on tanned on black skin, everything was popping.


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