Signs You’re Not as Healthy As You Think

If there is one thing that we all have in common, it’s that we are all aware of how our bodies feel when they feel normal and how they feel when something is desperately wrong. Your body will know when there is a problem going on inside and it will send you the signals you need to see it for yourself. The body is clever, and yours is no different! 

There are some signs that you are dealing with ill health or suffering that you might be ignoring, but unless you knew it was a kind of signal, you wouldn’t know it was a sign at all! If your teeth were hurting, you would book a dental appointment online. If your eyes were sore, you would speak to an optician or see a doctor for an eye bath. You need to take notice of what your body is telling you, and we’ve got a list of signs you’re not as healthy as you think you are!.

  1. Your nails are changing. Your nails can tell you a lot about your health if you are careful about looking at them close enough. Getting to know your nails is important because you will tell whether the colour and texture are changing. If you have dark lines or ridges in your nails you weren’t aware of before, then you should think about seeing a doctor. There could be a range of issues if your nails are flaking, too.
  2. Your periods are irregular. Your body can respond to stress in large amounts and one of the ways it tells you that something is wrong is by stopping your periods and delaying ovulation. Periods can change based on your weight, your diet and even your hormones. When things are irregular, there is usually an underlying problem, and that should be checked to ensure that you are as healthy as possible.
  3. Your gums are bleeding. You could have perfectly straight teeth, but that doesn’t mean that they’re healthy. If you have swollen or bleeding gums, that’s a good sign your dental health is not as perfect as you thought it was. Bleeding gums should be looked into by your dentist as it can cause other issues that can damage your health.
  4. You’re itching. Your skin shouldn’t be itching but if it is, it’s a sign of dry skin and you need to keep your skin moisturized and supple. Extreme itchiness that isn’t normal and doesn’t go away after you scratch needs to be looked into as a number of conditions can cause this.
  5. You’re dealing with acne. Adult acne occurs for a range of reasons, and it can generally suck to deal with! It can flare up for many reasons and it’s always better to find the underlying issue than just cope with it as it happens. Acne can be painful and uncomfortable but there are plenty of creams and options that will help your skin to be as healthy as possible. You need to see your doctor to know which!

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