Feeling Powerful in Shop Kambia

You already know how I feel about this brand and the partnership has gone on for two months and continues to go from strength to strength. I really wanted to level up my content and I honestly feel that working with this brand came at the right time. As I’ve mentioned in a few posts now; my direction as a woman has changed. I seek to be respected, not seen and what I mean by this is that my dress sense has gone up a few levels. I see a lot of fashion bloggers who seem to throw up any and everything; just to be noticed, to be relevant and the truth is guys; I just don’t have that in my heart anymore. I take time to out content now, I focus on the photography, the lighting and the set up of the picture. I am not concerned with trends but more with looking immaculate, classy and put together. I’ve fallen a little out of live with fast fashion brands and find it pretty difficult to shop on their sites. I now take my time to find affordable pieces that look expensive and show me in my best light.

It really doesn’t matter what outfit I put on, I love how the final images look wearing this brand. You can tell that the clothing is made with love and attention and I really try my best to capture the essence of the garments with every shot that’s taken.

This dress in particular took me by surprise, on the hanger, it wasn’t my favourite but I knew that the backless detailing would elevate it in one way or another and let’s just say, I felt more than elevated when I put it on. I am top heavy, a 36D in fact and so I tend to avoid backless dresses, however, the material used within this dress held me up perfectly. I love the way the yellow and blue complimented each other. This dress has now become my favourite out of all the outfits I have modelled so far.

I chose to style it with these multi-coloured heels from Ego and an oldie but a goodie clutch from Primark. My accessories are also from Primark. How do you like the finished look?


The Perfect Date Night Dress from FemmeLuxe

This is my first official collaboration with FemmeLuxe and it comes in the form of this super sultry and sexy satin dress in the most beautiful shades of blue. It’s almost diamond like and is super soft on the skin and perfect for that hot date. The great thing about Femmeluxe which has always been a massive selling feature for me is the price point. They create affordable, on-trend clothing that doesn’t break the bank and with these current times, it’s a major strength as we as women still want to look and feel our best.

Daily Fit Check | Zebra Print For The Win

Hey my loves, long time no post. I’ve been a bit vacant on here. Particularly where fashion is concerned. That’s mainly because your girl has been a lot more active on YOUTUBE. (Go ME!)

The Perfect Colour Combo In Shein

Could this be my most favourite look to date? This may sound like quite a massive statement but this is a look that I honestly feel I nailed. If you consider the fact that I was going to team this gorgeous dress with yellow shoes and accessories to begin with; then half-way deciding to switch it up with orange and just like that an epic colour combo was created.


What do you think?

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