Top 3 Benefits to Monchromatic Dressing

I spent the weekend reviewing my closet, organising my jewellery collection, shoes and clothing so I could start preparing for my Fall fashion looks. I can’t lie guys, it’s been really challenging of late to find the time to vlog (hence why nothing has gone live in absolutely ages) and to also put together looks. Working in a challenging day job, whilst trying to make my passion projects become my everyday projects is no mean feat. It was because of this though that in between sorting through these things, I also went through my images that haven’t been added to the blog yet.

In my search I came across a few shots of my monochromatic outfit which saw me experiment with garments I already had in my closet.

When it comes to rocking monochrome there are so many plus points. Aside from some of the seemingly obvious of monochromatic looks ard sliming and also are fabulous for petite girls because it presents the illusion of added height. It is also a classy style option and rarely fails to make an impression.

Further to these; dressing in black and while also offers these 3 key benefits:

Wearing the same hues makes getting ready a less of a challenge

The more creative and outlandish you’re with your colour palette is the more chance you have of things going wrong. Black and white is easy and no matter what; you always look like you’ve put in some effort.

You will appear visually more put together

You automatically look more classy and sophisticated in black and white and the colour and shade combo also gives the appearance of wealth and opulance.

Easier to accessorise

Adding jewellery and other accessories to a monochromatic look is much easier and quick to do than when you’re wearing colours. You tend to find that most, if not all of your jewellery options; no matter the style or colour just works. Don’t believe me? try it yourself. 🙂

As mentioned earlier, to put this look together, I opted to explore what I already had to my disposal in my closet.

Long monochrome overshirt- Aytas Boutique
KSK Clothing and Accessories
Faux Leather Pants
– H&M
Boots –
Ego Official
Shades- Ebay UK
Silver Ring- Spitlefields Market
Clutch– Primark


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