Tips To Stop Your Spin Class From Spinning Out Of Control

Exercise classes can provide a fantastic way to boost your energy levels and incentivise your fitness drive. Obviously, sessions like these come in all shapes and sizes, but for those of us looking to have a good time, modern options like spin class can seem like the ideal choice. 

Filled with feel-good music, lighting changes, and fast-paced motivation, it’s certainly easy to see why spin classes have become such a popular gym addition. That said, anyone expecting to sit back and enjoy the smoke and mirrors of a session like this is in for a nasty shock. Far from being a bit of fun, spin classes that operate around heavy workouts on stationary bikes provide some of the most intense exercise going. To make sure that your spin class doesn’t spin out of control, we’ve got a few tips that should help you keep up with that pace. 

Always arrive early

Spin class is all about speed, and once you hop on that bike, you won’t be getting off it anytime soon. As such, arriving early and taking that time to make crucial adjustments to your bike, including moving the seat and distancing your handlebars, is essential for avoiding difficulties once things kick off. As daunting as it might seem, the opportunity to get a bike at the front before everyone else beats you to it is also worthwhile to begin with. After all, you never know when you might want to make a hasty retreat! 

Chat to your instructor

Spin class isn’t like a more gently-paced option where your instructor will walk among you or even take the time to show you things in person. Instead, they’ll be up the front of the class on their own bike, and sometimes strobe or dark lighting will mean that they won’t even necessarily see you if they don’t know to look. By having a chat with them before the session starts, you can get some quick pointers on things like your bike positioning and general approach, as well as ensuring that they’re more likely to look for you in the crowd when they can once things get going.

Leave space between your sessions

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Spin can be hard at the best of times, let alone when your muscles are still sore from your last session. To avoid that and the injury that you may suffer as a result, leave at least seven days between spin sessions at first. You may be able to increase that number to twice a week as your body adjusts, though it’s always worth encouraging recovery during those classes with supplements like those offered by Spartan Suppz, and high-energy, protein-rich diets where possible. That way, you ensure that you’re fresh and raring to go every time spin comes around, and are best able to get the most out of your time here. 

Spin might look like a lot of fun but it isn’t easy. Take at least a little of the intensity out of this equation by always keeping these pointers in mind. 


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