My Birthday Experience at ‘Oche’ at The Strand

I typically prefer a low-key celebration for my birthday, cherishing the blessing of another year and feeling grateful for it. This year was no exception, though it did have its special moments. After a lovely meal with my mum at The Blues Kitchen, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Oche, the fabulous digital darts venue on The Strand.

From the moment we arrived, the vibe was electric. My boyfriend had booked a one-hour slot filled with various dart games. Each game had different targets, ranging from easy to challenging, but all were incredibly fun. Oche, true to its location on The Strand in London, boasts a stunning venue. The entrance was adorned with vibrant plants and bright colours, setting a welcoming tone. We were greeted by a lovely hostess who made us feel at ease right away.

As we descended the golden stairs, we encountered more greenery and a rainbow-coloured sofa that I wished I could take home! The experience included the option to order food and drinks. To mark the special occasion, my boyfriend ordered a bucket of drinks, including Prosecco and an assortment of canned beverages, along with a platter of fiery wings and delicious margherita pizzas. It was a delightful touch. He even got me cupcakes, adding a sweet note to the celebration.

The ambiance of Oche, with our private booth and a fantastic DJ mixing some of my favourite dance and R&B tracks from the 90s and 00s, was truly the icing on the cake. The DJ’s skills on the decks and the selection of music made the experience even more enjoyable. After our dart games, we relaxed in the booth, sipping wine, eating cake, and soaking in the moment. The staff remained attentive throughout, ensuring we had everything we needed.

To cap off the evening, my boyfriend and I took some memorable photos in the photobooth, another excellent feature of the venue. Who knew darts could be so much fun? Oche has some great deals on Groupon, so be sure to check them out. I absolutely loved my experience and can’t wait to return. I highly recommend booking a night out at Oche for you and your friends.

P.S well done to my mum for kicking our arse! I came second though and I am coming for your crown on our next visit. 🙂 & thank you to my Aunty Heather for coming and for my Boyfriend for making my birthday celebration and amazing one.

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*Main Image copyright – Oche



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