Wine Tasting & Investments With Oeno Wines

In order to feel a level of opulence and to truly level up, sometimes you need to surround yourself with finer things. I have made more of an effort to visit more galleries, museums, to not always opt for fast fashion brands as much as I used to and to start shifting my focus to what I want and where I want to be 100% of the time. I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is very much into investing and trading. Ultimately, his long-term goal is to do both full-time and he has invested a lot of time (& money) in developing his skills in the latter. I for one have not got a head for figures, trading or looking at charts and would rather leave all that stuff to him. Nonetheless, I really wanted to get more insight into the wine investments he did have and this was also a good opportunity to visit one of the locations for an impromptu date night as the venue offered the opportunity to drink some of the wine also.

Oeno wines is situated at The Royal Exchange, London and is definitely one of the most opulent areas of London. OenoHouse is home to a welcoming and intimate space dedicated to experiencing the world’s finest wines.

When I entered the venue, we was met with my boyfriend’s account manager Jay who gave us a tour of the lower level of the building. We were shown the freezer area as well as a tour of the most expensive wine. The venue was just as I imagined it to be. Classy and refined; apparently like how I prefer my wine 🙂

We were led outside to sit in the seated area which was really inviting; particularly because there were open fire pits which on this evening was needed because London had cold and wet on the menu. Nonetheless, this time was taken to hear more about the wine investments my boyfriend currently had as well as finding out more about potential new investments that could be made, more about Oeno itself as well as learning more about his account manager; who at such a young age had achieved so much in the industry.

In this time, I drank three different wines. I started with a white wine and quite quickly progressed to a red. When I say it left me light-headed; that could indeed be an understatement as I was tipsy and struggling to give eye contact from the second glass!

You can honestly taste the difference between supermarket bought wine and wine from places like Oeno. The difference was actually mind-blowing.

I left the evening having more of an insight into why investing in wine is actually a must if you want to see some returns. I also learned that wine investments do not get taxed like other investments therefore you see more of your returns. So its a win-win.

The boy done good and I had a really lovely evening trying out different wines and learning more about wines overall.

If you’re ever at The Royal Exchange, I would definitely recommend that you visit Oeno Wines as your don’t have to be looking to invest in wine to go there. They offer a selection of wines that you can purchase and drink on site and it’s the perfect way to start your evening.

Visit the official Oeno wines website HERE

Watch my reel of my experience HERE


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