My Favourite Shop Kambia Dress to Date

How has it been over a month since I graced my blog with a fashion post? I have to remind myself guys that outside of trying to keep up with social media; because that is a feat in its self. I am a blogger first and a proud blogger at that. I also have to often remind myself that there are many people who do read my posts. Maybe it’s because they don’t physically leave comments that leads me to think that no-one is there. However, once I have conversations with people, I learn that they do check and read my blog OFTEN. Also, the stats don’t lie. I’ve built something pretty cool here and no matter all the curve balls life keeps throwing my way; I have an obligation to keep coming onto my happy space and sharing the aspects of my life that make me feel happy and more complete.

Working with Shop Kambia has really give new life to my fashion blogging. I cannot lie; there was a period where I lost interest and even considered throwing in the towel on doing it. But, when I started working with this brand, I fell back in love with clothes in general and re-established my appreciation of colours.

I have modelled a vast amount of Shop Kambia dresses, skirts and co-ord sets but this one is my favourite by far. As soon as I saw it, I loved it but it was when I put it on that the real love affair started.

It’s the one shoulder detailing and the colour combo of the orange and brown for me. I felt amazing in this dress and loved the finished images taken by my personal photographer Syianne (AKA Mummy). I cannot express how lucky I am to have my mum on hand to shoot me outside with little to no notice. It is when we shoot in this ad-hoc manner that magic is created and the images we captured of this dress was EVERYTHING and has helped to make this dress ny most favourite by far. I don’t usually share ‘details’ on here and tend to share close-ups of the accessories on my Instagram account but I am going to share them on here. Not every Shop Kambia Dress makes the cut on here, but this one had to be blogged.

Dress @Shop Kambia
Bag and Heels @Shein
Earrings and Rings @Primark


The Perfect Colour Combo In Shein

Could this be my most favourite look to date? This may sound like quite a massive statement but this is a look that I honestly feel I nailed. If you consider the fact that I was going to team this gorgeous dress with yellow shoes and accessories to begin with; then half-way deciding to switch it up with orange and just like that an epic colour combo was created.

Green Is The Colour- Stepping Out In Chi Chi Clothing

Would you believe me if I said that it took me over two hours of scrolling through the Chi Chi Clothing website to find anything to wear! No matter how much times I moved from one page to another, I just couldn’t find the right dress for me. I love Chi Chi Clothing dresses but I always struggle to find what I am looking for. So to be honest I tend to choose the dresses finally opt for; based solely on the colour.

Kissing The Rainbow in Shop Kambia

Even though I shot this dress after a fair few others, I have had to blog it before them, Just because, look at this dress! The colours are EVERYTHING. When it came to accessorising this look I had the option of choosing various different colours and had originally opted for a canary yellow. However, red then stood out to me and I am so happy that I made the switch because the finished look was just what I imagined and more.


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