Green Is The Colour- Stepping Out In Chi Chi Clothing

Would you believe me if I said that it took me over two hours of scrolling through the Chi Chi Clothing website to find anything to wear! No matter how much times I moved from one page to another, I just couldn’t find the right dress for me. I love Chi Chi Clothing dresses but I always struggle to find what I am looking for. So to be honest I tend to choose the dresses that I finally opt for; based solely on the colour.

I absolutely loved this green when I first saw it. It’s definitely a head turner and oozes elegance and high fashion. Once I put this dress on and started to strut my stuff, I knew I had made the right choice. I picked a size 12 so my curves would be hugged and the final look was…. stunning! (well if I do say so myself)

It was pretty easy to accessorise this look. As the dress is quite fussy, I decided to wear minimal jewellery. My curly hair is a staple look now and the multi-coloured heels just work with everything.

Dress @ Chi Chi Clothing
Heels @Ego Official
Jewellery @Primark

Photography – Katie Ryan Creations & Syianne Rae


Top Quality and Fast Fashion at Shewin

If you know me and have kept a keen eye on my fashion content on both and via my socials, you will know I really love Fast Fashion. Yes, I appreciate luxury and high fashion but I do enjoy finding or being presented with fast fashion brands that make good quality clothing that have the potential of lasting longer than a few wears.

Feeling Oh So Fine in JoyShaper

So over on my Instagram I have named myself the ‘Queen of Shapewear’ because I seem to be wearing them a LOT more than I used to. Who wouldn’t opt for a lean and toned silhouette and and defined body in tight fitting clothes? I am continually told that I just don’t need to wear them, but as you will see in my upcoming video review of this latest brand, shape wear is for every woman who wants to feel that more confident and look their best.


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