Kissing The Rainbow in Shop Kambia

Even though I shot this dress after a fair few others, I have had to blog it before them, Just because, look at this dress! The colours are EVERYTHING. When it came to accessorising this look I had the option of choosing various different colours and had originally opted for a canary yellow. However, red then stood out to me and I am so happy that I made the switch because the finished look was just what I imagined and more.

Working with Shop Kambia, has really transformed; not only my instagram feed, but it’s also helped me to alter the clothing I wear from day to day. I have always worn bright colours but since modelling for Shop Kambia, I now tend to wear bright colours each day and I opt for bright and vibrant outfits when I go out to events also.

The quality of Shop Kambia outfits is second to none and what’s more exciting is how many more looks I have to model and share on my platform over the coming months.

Visit the Shop Kambia website to access their amazing clothing and accessory pieces.

Outfit Details:
Dress @Shop Kambia
Bag @Steve Madden
Heels @Shein
Earrings @Primark


Top Quality and Fast Fashion at Shewin

If you know me and have kept a keen eye on my fashion content on both and via my socials, you will know I really love Fast Fashion. Yes, I appreciate luxury and high fashion but I do enjoy finding or being presented with fast fashion brands that make good quality clothing that have the potential of lasting longer than a few wears.

Feeling Oh So Fine in JoyShaper

So over on my Instagram I have named myself the ‘Queen of Shapewear’ because I seem to be wearing them a LOT more than I used to. Who wouldn’t opt for a lean and toned silhouette and and defined body in tight fitting clothes? I am continually told that I just don’t need to wear them, but as you will see in my upcoming video review of this latest brand, shape wear is for every woman who wants to feel that more confident and look their best.


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