Top Tips To Optimise Your Online Store

With sales and customers moving online, running a traditional business isn’t enough, irrespective of size and niche. This is illustrated by the statistics collected in 2021, which showed that 29% of retail sales were made online. This means that a user-friendly and optimised ecommerce platform is a must for your business. Increasing your online traffic and conversion rates could boost your revenues and profits, so you should consider these top tips to optimise your online store. 

1.Choose the right domain name 

Selecting the right domain name for your online store is vital for its performance. Choose a name that resonates with your audience or services. For instance, if you are starting an online fashion store, it can be useful to pick domain names related to clothing, styling, grooming, etc. Keep the name short to make it easier for customers to remember when looking for fashion products or services. 

2. Be search engine savvy 

Research suggests that around 33% of internet users click the first listing they see in search engine results, while 75% click on listings in the top five. As a result, you want your website to appear on the first page of search engines. Anything less, and you could get your online store lost in a sea of search results. At this point, it can be useful to be search engine savvy and optimise your online store and pages to rank higher in searches. This may require learning more about SEO and deploying the right strategies to attract more organic traffic and expand your business online.  

3. Optimise your page load time 

Your page load time refers to how long your website takes to render its content. A faster loading time offers a more pleasurable user experience and can help your online store in several ways. This includes decreasing your bounce rate and improving your ranking in online searches since search engines like Google prioritise websites with faster loading time in rankings. You will experience improved online traffic, conversion rates and overall store performance when you optimise your page loading time. Optimising your page loading time can be technical, and you may require a developer or expert web designer for this task. Here’s the link to a web hosting platform to consider for optimised page speed. 

4.Improve your store mobile-friendliness 

Thanks to technology, customers can shop for goods and services from any location using smartphones. A recent study projects active smartphone users in the UK to reach approximately 65 million by 2025, and the majority will probably use it to make purchases online. Based on this information, it is vital to improving your online experience by making your website intuitive and user friendly. It can be hard to get customers to visit your online store, and when they do, you don’t want them to feel your mobile website is buggy or clunky. 

So whether you are starting a new online store or already have an existing one, you can utilise these tips to optimise your store experience and gain a competitive edge over the existing competition.


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