I’ve been really focused on building partnerships with reputable brands over the last few months. SashaShantel.com is more than my blog, it is something I see myself growing and developing for the rest of my life and it is a visual representation of all the lifestyle choices; the products; that I use in my day to day life. Being truly authentic is really important to me and as much as quantity is a very vital aspect of content creation. At present; I am more concerned with the quality of my output.

I was emailed the opportunity to work with Slimfast many months prior. However, for one reason or another I never applied. Call it self-doubt, call it not feeling ready. But, when the opportunity came into my inbox again. I jumped at the chance. After a few days of planning, my mum and I spent over 7 hours shooting a campaign I am proud truly proud of.

Slimfast’s Balanced Nutrition shakes are not for weight loss but are for supporting a healthy and balanced lifestyle and with my working from home and working on my numerous brands I struggled with my energy so I was curious to if these shakes would help in any way.

I had the opportunity to drink these shakes over a period of weeks and I can truly say that aside from being really tasty, they were equally filling and helped with my overall energy.

To work on this campaign with Slimfast was a dream come true and really leaves me excited about what other brands I can work with in the coming months.
This campaign was solely for Instagram and one of my primary objectives was to create a series of Instagram stories promoting the product. I also shot a series of images to convey how I incorporate the nutrition balanced shakes into my day to day life.

Check out some of the images from the campaign and let me know if you choose to purchase their shakes which are worth the money and are a valuable addition to anyone who wants healthy nutrition on the move.

I have a feeling I may work with Slimfast again in the near future. You have to speak it into existence for it to become real. So watch this space!.

Get your Slimfast Balanced Nutrition Shakes HERE


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