Essentials You Need To Plan Out Before Travelling

If you had a holiday or several holiday plans cancelled or delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic then we have good news for you. With the rollout of the vaccination programme, holiday destinations and vacations are opening once more for you to get booked onto. If you have been planning your next trip away for some time make sure you have every little detail sorted before you go. 


You might have a bucket list of destinations in mind, this list could have been growing each year, even through the pandemic. If you want to tick off some of those destinations why not plan a road trip, assuming they are nearby to each other. If not, it isn’t even too much trouble to do multiple destinations via plane or boat, you don’t always need to drive. Think through what you want to do, it really depends on the type of holiday you want.

Type Of Holiday

You might want a stress-free beach holiday with sun, sea, and sangria! Who can blame you after the tumultuous time you may have had the past couple of years. If this is the case then take a look at all-inclusive beach holidays to get you excited. The best thing about all-inclusive holidays is that you get everything included in the price, all meals and unlimited drinks. 

You might also fancy something different and want to do a road trip, taking in all the sites with the wind in your hair. If this is the case then you will need to thoroughly plan your route and don’t forget petrol stations along the way. The last thing you want is to get stuck in a place you are not familiar with and have no gas. 


If you do decide to do a road trip style holiday then you will need a good set of wheels to take you to all the amazing places you plan on visiting. You will need to decide if you are taking a car and finding camping sites, if you are taking an RV, or if you want to tow a caravan on the back of your car. The RV and the caravan option will provide you with more space and freedom than a normal car and camping equipment. 

If you do decide to take a car and caravan then you will need to make sure these are up to the journey. Both should receive a full service and inspection before you set off. You can find caravan servicing in your local area if you take a look online. 

Day Trips

Finally, it is worth mentioning that while you are travelling around you should take in some of the local tourist hotspots. These could include museums, beaches, boutique stores, and quaint cafes. You could arrange to take day trips to places further afield, these could include water parks and theme parks. 

We hope you found this helpful and it gave you insight into what needs to be sorted before you go away.


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A Little Life Update….

Do you ever wake-up and look in the mirror and realise that you’re no-where where you imagined you’d be? This has happened to me every single day since last Tuesday but today it feels more heavy than ever. It isn’t all bad…. I am rebranding Women Who Slay, I know my blog can grow and I am prepared to put in the work but at the same time, redundancy is around the corner, I am battling to clear debts I incurred after the closure of my online magazine and I feel deeply overwhelmed and very very stressed. So here’s a little life update……

I’m No 51 on the TOP LIFESTYLE BLOGS in the UK!

I have been excited to write this blog post for a while but have been exhausted as I have recently taken on a second job. (More details will be revealed over time and in a separate blog) However, I bounced out of bed this Sunday morning and decided to get this post written as I am excited to share that my blog has been listed at No.51 for the top lifestyle blog in the UK. To say I a proud is an understatement. Where blogging is concerned, I have been writing blog posts since 2009 and have tried during this time to get my blog listed; however it has always failed to be selected.


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