How To Build An Outdoor Exercise Area That You Will Use

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Exercising has always been a significant part of life, but it’s been made more important by the arrival of Covid-19. While gyms and indoor spaces appear to be opening up, there’s no telling if another wave of the virus will land us in lockdown again.

If that happens, you need a space you can use to stay in shape. With the spring and summer seasons approaching, it’s more motivating to do it outside rather than in a stale, stuffy box room. However, curating an outdoor workout area isn’t a piece of cake if you haven’t done it before.

With that in mind, here are four tips to help.

Cover It

This is Britain, so you can’t rely on the weather! It even rains in the summer, which is annoying when you want to be outdoors. Thankfully, a cover will enable you to remain dry and warm, regardless of the conditions. It doesn’t have to be a complicated structure, either. A piece of tarpaulin will suffice as long as it’s slightly sloped to allow the water to run down the sides. Also, don’t forget that it will ensure your exercise area is available all-year-around, which is ideal in the winter when the weather is worse.

Opt For Portable Equipment

A stationary bike or a rowing machine is a nice thought because it makes the area feel authentic. It’s like being at the gym, and that means you’re more likely to exercise harder and more often. However, the logistics of permanent equipment are annoying, particularly when you don’t need specialised equipment to workout. A yoga mat and plyometric exercises are enough. The same applies to the garden furniture as it’s likely that you’ll need to move it around. Garden furniture at Cuckooland, such as hammocks and wicker chairs and benches, makes juggling exercise and your social life much easier as they are light and portable.

Light It Up

You can flip a switch and electricity will flow straight to the light fixtures. But, the lighting might not be sufficient for working out if you like to do it early in the morning or late at night. In these instances, you’ll require plenty of fixtures to ensure you can see what you’re doing, or else there will be extra hazards. A portable lamp or lantern is perfect as you can store it inside and bring it when required.

Be Safe

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean your surroundings are safe. They are secure for the typical things you would do, but you don’t usually workout at home. As a result, you could need to assess the area for any risks. The first place to start is the ground. If it’s hard, like stone flagging or concrete, you’ll need a ground mat with plenty of cushion. Otherwise, trips and falls could be dangerous. Also, don’t forget to store heavy equipment in suitable spaces. For instance, don’t put weights, however small they might be, at head or eye level.

Whether Covid comes back or not, having an outdoor exercise area is a smart idea if you want to put your health first.


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