Get Valentine’s Day Ready With These Two Looks

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner again guys but honestly, how are we here already? Last year, I compiled a collection of different dresses you could buy from several fast fashion brands but this year I thought I would make it a little more personal this and showcase two separate pieces I picked up from Femmeluxe which are both perfect date night numbers.

The first is this beautiful emerald green dress which is stunning and looks fabulous on my skin tone. With this dress, it’s highly recommended that you opt for a backless bra or if you’re not top heavy; no bra at all as bra straps will ruin the look. With a dress this colour, you honestly don’t need to be too fussy; allow the dress to speak for itself.

If you want to add an accessory, gold necklace and bracelet would be the perfect addition. I kept things really simple and teamed it with a chain strap bag from Valentino and strappy’s from Shein.

I am a massive fan of Femmeluxe’s dresses and they offer a range to choose from to suit diverse body types and budgets. Shop more dresses HERE

Get your dress HERE

As it’s still quite chilly outside, my next pick is perfect if you don’t want to show much skin, but still want to feel and look sexy. For this, nothing beats a one shoulder jumpsuit. This one is in a classic black and comes with a belt. This outfit is simple but effective and a perfect choice if you want to look sophisticated on a budget.

Get your one shoulder jumpsuit HERE

Many thanks to Femmeluxe for collaborating with me on this post.



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