Happy New Year…. But First Let’s Purge & Reflect…

This is my first post of 2023 and we are already 8 days in. As excited as I have been about this year (please don’t ask me why I am excited, it just feels a little different to last year.) I still have a few hangups that I need to get off my chest before the year OFFICALLY begins on here. I guess you could say, it’s definitely time to purse and reflect.

Let’s start off by saying that my blog BARELY survived last year. Yes, I was posting, but I was not blogging with intention, or with any strong desire to do so. I found ways to just fling up a sponsored post or two and to add some; what I call filler posts from other sources. (This can be recognised as press releases or info bites from an external site).

The term ‘Life was lifing’ was indeed a very real thing for me and for most of the year (for the parts I remember anyway) I was existing in a space of depression.

So many things happened last year. Much of it I had allowed to happen because accountability and taking responsibility for things that happen in your life can mean that you undoubtedly do things a little or a lot better than before.

I opened up to the wrong people, gave quality time to others and really put my trust in a person/s who ultimately threw it in my face. They pulled me in with their stories of ‘being too trusting, being hurt too often and I honestly fell for it all. Hook line and sinker. I wanted to believe they were as fragile and as kind-spirited as they gave the impression of. After all, the last 7 years (yes 7) had been completely treacherous for me. Soul destroying if I be completely honest and I just wanted to be looked after, to be heard and to be celebrated. Yet, with one conversation; that abruptly ended and the next thing I know I was blocked as if I didn’t matter. For months in fact whilst they proclaimed they needed space to ‘fix their mental health’. Yet, it appears the only person they moved away from was me.

Now, as I’ve entered a new year, I am MORE guarded than I have ever been in my life. I really don’t have time for anyone. Everyone is held at arms length and this is for the sheer fact that I was too trusting, too naive and too open and now I have no interest in being that. For anyone, at anytime.

Because, one thing I’ve learned is that when you give too much, people are more than happy to keep taking. Until your resources are depleted. They practically take pleasure from returning to drink out of your empty cup. They give empty reasons as to why they did what they did but you see this time around, you’re now more equipped and more privy to nonsense. You see them for what they are and you know that from now on, you will never entertain, speak to or interact with them again.

That’s life.

You live. You learn.

That chapters closed.


So what does 2023 bring for me.

What does it bring for SashaShantel.com

For one, I am going to be MORE present on here. My voice will be more louder, my words my constant, my personality, more vibrant.

It’s my dream for this site for it to take shape into what my magazine In-spire LS was. (If you know, you know). Yes, I want it to cover all of the necessary lifestyle and wellbeing posts as well as fashion and beauty news, all with a personal twist. But, I want it to take the form of a magazine. So there will be more articles, more reviews and more hearty and informative content that will make it your ONE STOP for all your lifestyle based content.

Where so many content creators have walked away from their personal blogs/websites. I feel so strong about the fact that my future is embedded in these pages. Blogging has always been my first love but its rarely been my only love as I have always made the mistake of spreading myself to thinly across various projects and not dedicating enough time to this one.

It’s honestly time to change that and I am more than up for the challenge.

I have added a brand new subscription link on the blog as I WILL be releasing blogging books this way, running giveaways and building a community around Sashashantel.com too.

For those who have read my blogs for years and feedback to me via my socials. I would really appreciate if you would comment directly on my posts from time to time. It not only will help with engagement but will also help with the growth that I have my sights set on for my home on the web.

2023 feels like a good year, as I mentioned at the start of this entry. I cannot tell you all the reasons why I know it’s going to be better than the last.

One thing I can and will say is that, long gone is the Sasha who cares too deeply, loves, too hard and allows her emotions to rule her head.

That Sasha is dead.

In its place is a Sasha who is determined to give herself the world. One blog entry at a time.

Here’s to New Beginnings.


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January 9, 2023

Awww you’re back. Love to see it. I know 23 will be your year x

January 16, 2023

Thanks for the love on here xoxo

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