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Hey guys, it’s been a few days since I posted anything. As I always like to keep things 100 on here. I am not in the best head space and have been finding it difficult to do much of anything. Before this cloud descended though, I had an epic shoot this Sunday gone with Katie Ryan Creations and Syianne Raymond. I am pretty lucky to have two great photographers on hand. One is a seasoned professional, the other is my personal photographer; and they both help me to create epic imagery. In this instance, all of the photos you will see today have been captured by Katie. Her website relaunches very soon, but until then; follow her on Instagram HERE

I was recently contacted by this amazing US based brand Ursime, who sell a wide array of beautiful garments. On this occasion, I was focused on shooting outfits that I wouldn’t usually go for. But, since I am a lover of co-ords. I decided to choose three for this shoot. This first look is a classic all white number but I decided to give it a POP of colour by incorporating the red accessories. I used to love shooting with straight hair but of late, I have found that my curly hair works best and it really enhanced the overall look in this instance.

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Co-ord @Ursime
Shades @Roman Road Market
Heels @Ego Official
Clutch @Steve Madden

Jewellery @Shein


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