Things You Need To Think About When You Grow Up and Start Living Your Own Life

Growing up is a time of change. You’re getting used to living in a digital world, and you’re starting to make your own decisions about what you want to do with your life. You even need to consider if you want religious funeral urns. But there are some things you need to think about before moving on. Here are five things you should consider when growing up and starting your own life: 1) What kind of life do you want? A traditional lifestyle or an online one? 2) What kind of work will you be doing? This is important because it will determine your career paths in the business world. 3) What kind of relationships will you have? Will you be living alone or with others? 4) How much time do you want to spend on the internet? If you want to stay connected to friends and family, this is an excellent question. 5) What kind of values do you want to share with the world? Do you want to stay connected to traditional values, like family, or do

What Kind of Life Do You Want?

When you grow up, it’s essential to decide what kind of life you want. You may want to live a traditional lifestyle where you stay in the same place for a certain amount of time and rely on your family and friends. Or you may want to live in an online world where you make your own decisions and are connected to the internet at all times. It’s up to you how you want to live your life.

What Kind of Work Will You Be Doing? 

This is important because it will determine your career paths in the business world. Nowadays, the classic scenario of people working for one company their entire life while slowly but surely moving up the career ladder is becoming less and less relevant. Rather than relying on the employer to implement their career plan, it’s now the employees themselves who have to take charge of that. With the world changing rapidly, one has to become more proactive to succeed. And this is precisely where your career plan comes into the picture. There are thousands of different paths you can pursue in your future occupation, but the best way to start is by identifying your main priorities.

How Much Time do you Want to Spend on the Internet?

If you want to stay connected to friends and family, this is a good question. There’s no denying that the internet has changed our lives – but do you need to reduce your time online? Online banking, working from home, ordering takeaways without having to speak to anyone – none of this would exist without the internet – and neither would UWP.

No one should feel guilty for going online – but when does it all become too much? Try to block time-wasting sites. If you’re reading BBC News instead of working, then at least you’re probably learning something. If you’re procrastinating by watching Top Ten Funny Cat Videos 2017 (which more than 33 million people have done), then you’re not.

What Values Do You Want to Share with the World?

Do you want to stay connected to traditional values, like family, or do you want to share more digital-friendly values, like freedom and individuality? First, it’s essential to decide what kind of life you want and determine what values you want to share with the world.


Self-Care Techniques for Beating Stress and Anxiety

Are you feeling stressed out and anxious lately? It’s okay to feel that way, life can be overwhelming at times. But you know what? You deserve some TLC! That’s why today we’re going to explore some simple self-care techniques that can help you reduce anxiety and stress. 

A Little Life Update….

Do you ever wake-up and look in the mirror and realise that you’re no-where where you imagined you’d be? This has happened to me every single day since last Tuesday but today it feels more heavy than ever. It isn’t all bad…. I am rebranding Women Who Slay, I know my blog can grow and I am prepared to put in the work but at the same time, redundancy is around the corner, I am battling to clear debts I incurred after the closure of my online magazine and I feel deeply overwhelmed and very very stressed. So here’s a little life update……

I’m No 51 on the TOP LIFESTYLE BLOGS in the UK!

I have been excited to write this blog post for a while but have been exhausted as I have recently taken on a second job. (More details will be revealed over time and in a separate blog) However, I bounced out of bed this Sunday morning and decided to get this post written as I am excited to share that my blog has been listed at No.51 for the top lifestyle blog in the UK. To say I a proud is an understatement. Where blogging is concerned, I have been writing blog posts since 2009 and have tried during this time to get my blog listed; however it has always failed to be selected.


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