An evening of Luxury Living with The Flaneur

I am totally under no illusions that this type of living is the norm for millions of people. I for one know exactly what it’s like to dine in 5 star restaurants and to hang out in hotels and spas that many would dream of. (Not bad for a woman from Peckham!) However, since I ended my magazine in 2018, and the pandemic dropped kicked me to the ground in 2020 (like it did for so many people!) I haven’t really dined out anywhere special. I haven’t surrounded myself with opulence and I haven’t been treated to anything special either.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago where my amazing friend Edward (known as TheFlaneur) on socials felt that we both needed a night out. He had a few things he wanted to celebrate, but equally; he felt that I did also. I can’t really say I agreed with him but after meeting him for the first time ever nearly two years prior; we were kinda overdue a catch up!

After weeks of preparation; they only went and had a strike didn’t they! London Transport always strike at inopportune times and my Uber cancelled on me 7 times (and there I was thinking that 7 was my lucky number!). In the end, I downloaded the Oia app and a driver accepted my booking. He was phenomenal and got me there in less than an hour.

Now THERE happened to be the Royal Lancaster Hotel, a stylish and contemporary hotel situated right next to Hyde Park. The decor was SO impressive I honestly didn’t want to touch anything lol. The marble floor was so shiny; I was adamant I was going to slip and fall.

The choice of decoration and the furniture was straight off a mood board on Pinterest. Everything that I would want in my own home was dotted all around me. The golds and greens screamed wealth. I was in interior design heaven. I wish I had my Canon camera with me, though I did manage to capture a few gems on my phone instead.

The first stop was within the hotel’s in-house restaurant Nipa Thai. As you all should know by now, I am a massive foodie and would eat out everyday if I could. I had heard about Nipa Thai before but had never thought about eating there. The decor was impressive, the service; pretty good. The food; well would it be bad if I said I’ve tasted better? Edward wanted my honest opinion and so he got it. But what the food lacked for me, wasn’t even the case for him, in-fact he loved it!

The great company made up for it. We talked and talked and talked and he let me get a whole heap of madness off my chest. If this evening taught me anything is that you’re without a shadow of a doubt the company you keep and I am more focused than ever on surrounding myself with people that really want me to win. Edward’s one of these people and he’s proved that time and time again.

Now don’t get me completely wrong, the food was pleasant in places but I just wasn’t that full by the end of it. Would I go back? to stare at the decor, yes. To eat again; of course, but only if someone else is paying ;).

It was a nice enough dining experience and I loved the decor inside too. The cocktails were also really nice and the more I look at these images the more I realise, maybe I should have ordered what Edward did (his food is to the top right and does it not look 100000!!!

Next up, we jumped into a cab outside the hotel and headed to the bar The Sea Containers!. I can’t stress how much I wanted to go to the place; even though, I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that I had driven past it a fair few times and I really wanted to see what it was about. So when Edward sent me the message asking if I wanted to go there after it was no brainer.

Let’s just say The Sea Containers is hands down one of the best bars I have EVER visited. So not pretentious, so private and not one of those bars where everyone is in your face. The cocktails were yummy and the price pretty affordable too. It was the views, the vibes, the service. There really wasn’t anything wrong with the place. I honestly loved every moment there.

This was an evening I hadn’t realised I needed. I think it really reminded me that sometimes it’s okay to take a break and just enjoy life and to live in the moment. After all, you can jump back in the rat race after. Life is also about experiences and trying new things. This evening was a testament to that and I am forever grateful for it. xox


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