I’m Struggling With Blogger Fatigue…Can You Relate?

Life can sometimes take its toll. You want to stay on top of things but it can become overwhelming. Perfectly curated feeds on Instagram doesn’t hide the stress and tumultuous moments. I’m not having the best time.

I love blogging and have loved it for a very long time but the last few weeks have been tough. Instagram is a battle. You spend so much time putting out quality content and it’s so hard to get people to engage with you. Don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing supporters who always engage with my content and believe me; I appreciate that. But, out of nearly 5k followers, you do struggle with the idea that only 100+ ever like it.

Then you see content creators, shoot a pic in their bathroom mirror, the background of their rooms an absolute mess; the flash of their camera beaming off their mirror, so their faces are blurred out and they get over 500+ likes. I respect every content creator and please don’t think that I am knocking anyone in particular. But, it is very evident when a person puts a lot of effort into what they share and I always do, but I don’t always find that the effort isn’t always recognised and sometimes it’s not easy to keep motivated and inspired.

I’ve always battled with family members and my partner regarding supporting my work and I cannot lie, it hurts when I have to encourage them to like and comment. Yet; every time I hit on a celebrities page – opps there it is! a LIKE from them.

I spend days planning my content and arranging what I want to share and I wonder if I should just stop. Would anyone notice if I didn’t post. After a long day working and coaching, does it matter if I post or not?

I sometimes think it would be best if I delete my social media and just disappear and then I think, I’ve come this far and I look great and feel great and really share quality content so I just need to keep going.

Like anything, even in the low moments, even when you are going through more than you feel you can handle. You need to keep going, keep doing what you get joy from and more importantly, not get disheartened…..


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