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Don’t knock me guys, life has without a doubt taken its toll on me and I’ve been missing in action on here. Nonetheless, before this hiatus I was sent products to review by numerous brands and true to my word, I made sure I used them for a the longest time to not only give an honest review but to also ensure I had content when I did eventually return back onto here. Clever right?

At the end of 2018, I was contacted by the independent beauty brand Shea’mazing. The family run business have steadily built a strong and vibrant international community of consumers who love their products and have first hand seen the benefits they have had on their skin and their lips.

Sourced directly from Ghana, Shea’mazing’s products are raw and unrefined and have remained true to their authenticity by always ensuring all the ingredients used pure and without added chemicals. Shea’mazing’s products contain 100% Shea Butter, pure coconut oil, pure almond oil and pure fragrance oil.

I was kindly gifted two 150ml unrefined Shea Butter creams; one coconut and one mango. I loved the simplicity of the packaging and the way the cream was covered with a clear plastic lid to protect and preserve the cream upon opening and using. All ingredients were clearly displayed and the presentation of the packaging all combined made this product a winner overall.

So what are the benefits of Shea Butter….

It’s all well and good using a certain product but what makes shea butter so sought after?

  • It restores the elasticity of your skin
  • It has been known to reduce and alleviate skin irritations
  • Extremely moisturising
  • Known for its anti-aging properties
  • Reduces stretch marks

These are just some of the few key benefits but there are plenty more you can actively research online. The creams also come in other flavours including strawberry and vanilla. The lip balms are really moisturising and keeps your lips moist for hours.

As far as pricing is concerned, you honestly couldn’t get a better deal. A 150ml tub of cream only costs £9.99 and the lip balm is as affordable your local hair and beauty shop at £2.99 a pop. Honestly, I love this brand and the truly respect the quality and affordability factor of their products. A great tell tell sign for if a brand is good is customer feedback and testimonials. The reviews on Shea’mazing are brilliant and further demonstrate why they should be on the list of your next beauty purchase.

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Thank you Shea’mazing for working with me.





  • Please note the products were gifted but no payment was made to write this review and all opinions are my own.

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