My Experience Of Speedflex (Review)

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Guys, you know I’m always honest with you all. I may look trim in my pictures but currently, I’m unfit!. So I decided a few weeks ago to fix that. I set out to get off of my backside and exercise everyday, start drinking my 2 litres and to finally improve the quality of my life and I’m telling you now. I’m feeling really good. I have an ultimate goal. To look better in my 30’s than I did in my 20’s and I’m pretty excited about this journey. I can proudly say that as I currently I’m on day 10 of drinking 2 litres a day and I haven’t missed a workout; so I’m feeling pretty great physically.

However, because I’m real I have to make it clear that I wasn’t by any means physically ready to work out using the Speedflex machines that I was kindly given the opportunity to review for by the lovely Rebecca from the fabulous Public Relations company Action PR.

On researching the Speedflex machines before my visit this should have been (apt word- should). lightwork as the Speedflex machine responds to you and the amount of intensity you apply. It is said to deliver both a resistance (toning) and cardiovascular (cardio workout) simultaneously. As a result of this, it can be used by anyone of any age and any fitness level. Check out the key benefits below:


The initial review day didn’t go to plan, although preparation had been made for it to be a successful one.

Well, where did things go a little pear shaped?

It was one of the hottest days of the year and Sasha hadn’t drunken a glass of water. The journey on the underground to Bank (where the Speedflex workout takes place) was excruciating. However, upon entering the venue (which is pretty tucked away; I’d recommend that if you do subscribe to some classes that you leave yourself ample time to travel to the location) I was met with Rebecca and the main Speedflex trainer for the day Melan who led me into a room to receive a general body scan. This included me getting my weight and height checked over. I established that although I was a healthy weight and my BMI was at a healthy number, I could stand lose 4kg. This was a good target to aim for and was a great incentive to get me back onto my fitness grind.

Now, as I’ve been keeping my eye on the overall fitness industry and following key fitness influencers online line, I have recognised that there is a rather unsavoury trend going around where people are being told that they don’t have to warm up before a workout commences. As much as I recognise that we all have different fitness levels and some individuals are more healthier and fitter than others. I honestly DO NOT by any means recommend embarking on any fitness regime without undertaking a FULL warm up and stretch beforehand.

As much as the Speedflex is amazing and lists all the fantastic benefits above and as much as you’re advised to work at your own pace. I have to say that after what was very brief induction and use of the machines once, I was quite in a flurry when the class attendees began to trail in. The next thing I knew, I was thrust into a rather fast paced workout and moving rapidly from one machine to another. Forgetting what I’d been shown just minutes before and feeling dramatically dehydrated.

You know when you want to push yourself because mentally you’re strong like an Ox but physically you’re like a little mouse!(maybe not lol) But, I really wanted to push myself and launched into the different machines, guzzling as much water as I could.

I would advise you to WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE and not allow the trainer or yourself to push yourself further than you can actually go. I had just moved onto the fourth machine when just like that my glutes seized up and completely locked. I could not stretch it out for nothing!. Thinking back to watching athletes rolling around on the floor in excruciating pain, I in that moment knew exactly how they felt and it wasn’t at all pretty. It was sheer agony; that’s the best way to describe it. However, I was lucky enough to have Rebecca and Melan on hand to apply pressure and help stretch me out.

The main issues was that I wasn’t positioning my legs correctly which was exerting too much pressure and the second issue was that I was dehydrated. This was the actual incentive I needed to 1) get me back on drinking two litres a day and 2) to get me back up in the mornings and back onto my keep fit flex.

Sometimes you need a massive wakeup call to take place to show you that you’re not doing things as well as you could be. I know that I’m happier and more optimistic about life, dealing with challenges and getting ish’ done when I exercise so I’m happy that this painful experience took place as I’m now firmly back on track!

The Speedflex training machines are so fun and there is one to fit every type of workout. True to form, the intensity of the machine is directly dependent on the pressure you yourself apply. They’re pretty easy to use (once you practice a little bit) and make for a massive workout (I was dripping bucketloads afterwards)

The Speedflex training circuit comes in a number of different sessions. I did the classic circuit but there are a number of diverse workout program/circuits you can choose from.



The original. Low impact, high intensity 30 and 45 minute inclusive sessions blending a mix of Speedflex exercises with our traditional auxiliaries.


30 and 45 minute sessions comprising of Speedflex only exercises. Designed to take interval training back to basics PureFlex will utilise Speedflex machines to take you to high intensity training zones followed by rest periods to lower the heart rate.

Rolling Session

Drop in when it suits you. The session starts when you want it to and ends when you decide. No more worrying about missing your start time. Take the stress out of your journey. We are ready when you are.


Make use of what you’ve got. 30 minutes of interval training using Speedflex and body weight exercises only, followed by 15 minutes of core work.


30 minute sessions combining Speedflex training and abdominal focused exercises. A real emphasis on improving your core strength, posture and spinal stability.


Designed to be the most challenging Speedflex experience to date. An array of new complex and compound Speedflex and auxiliary exercises which involve more resistance and are more strength focused. The sessions will be more demanding on the body and have been designed for those who want to supercharge their training.


All about the 4’s. Designed around the Tabata training method the 30 minute sessions will be structured around 4 minute blocks formatted in a variety of ways. Strength and cardio based with an emphasis on intensity.


Designed to take you through various planes of movement with resistance and suspension training to ensure you get that full body workout.

Overall, pain aside, I had a great time reviewing the Speedflex machines and there is no doubt that they are effective and fantastic machines that make working out fun. They work every part of your body and because you’re in charge of the force you exert, you are in control of your overall workout and what you take from it.

If you want to diversify your current workout or are like me and want to start your fitness routine, I would highly recommend you book your session but please ensure you bring enough water!


Book your sessions HERE




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