#TheLuxeList – Luxury Swimsuits We All Need This Summer

Welcome my loves to a brand new edition to SashaShantel.com – #TheLuxeList is my carefully curated list of high fashion brands that I am lusting over. I will be choosing top quality clothing and accessories as well as home decor which will be showcased in weekly lists. I will also be sharing direct links to the items and show and these will be joined with reels on my TikTok and Instagram. So if you’re not following me on either of these platforms; why not? the fashion content is about to be taken up a notch! I am absolutely in love with the swimsuits and bikini’s I have picked and of course, they’re al on my wishlist!

Johanna Ortiz- Sacred Valley Cut Out Swimsuit

Get Yours HERE

Christopher Esber
Displace Stone-Beads Swimsuit

Gets Your HERE

Hunza G
Gloria Ring Detail Bikini Set £160

Get Yours HERE

Louisa Ballou
Ring Front Cut-Out Swimsuit

Get Yours HERE

Versace Grega Pattern Scoop Back Swimsuit £143
Get Yours HERE


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