Sasha Shantel X Ideal of Sweden: Use my code ‘Iamsashashantel15’ for 15% off the entire store.

I’ve said it before and I’ll happily say it again. I love Ideal of Sweden phone covers and accessories. Not only do I respect this quality brand for working with me time and time again. But, what I appreciate more is the quality of the their phone covers. They represent ‘affordable luxury’, producing quality products for your phones, laptops and tablets that are top quality but not to expensive. Their covers are also very stylish and ooze class and sophistication.

Once again, I was sent a money off voucher to pick a cover of my choice and this time around I picked this classic black leather styled cover with gold detailing. The gold features especially the brands name at the bottom of the cover gives it that little extra.

I recently got an upgrade to my mobile phone and ordered the iPhone 13 Pro. I may need to do a blog and video on that because I actually love this phone and the camera is so sharp. It was the perfect timing to get a phone cover and I absolutely love the choice I made.

Saying this, they have many more styles and colours to choose from and to to celebrate another collaboration with them, I am giving all of my readers the opportunity to get 15% off the entire site using my exclusive discount code: IAMSASHASHANTEL15 at checkout. Don’t leave it too long though, this is for a limited time only.



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