Buying Guide For Lavazza Coffee Pods

Shopping for coffee beans can get a baffling experience unless you are already aware of what you are searching for. Lavazza coffee pods have a great range of coffee brands, including Lavazza. The Lavazza beans are split broadly into two categories, one in blue bags and one in red bags. The Lavazza red is primarily found in the carries and cash, high street, and supermarket shops. The Lavazza blue is one of the premium range beans mostly found at hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. The blue range is mostly more prevalent in both of the beans. Some new blends are in the coloured bags, including Brasile Arabica and Alteco.

Lavazza Super Crema

The Lavazza coffee pods super creamy have always been the best-selling bean because they offer the best balance between quality and price. It is also a bit of all-rounder in which you can also make pretty much any coffee you want, and it will work also. You can even make espresso with these beans, and you will get thick creamy texture but always try out a long latte with a couple of sugar and caramel syrup shots. It will give a taste of coffee if you don’t blend, which gets overpowered. 

The super cream has been blended from the washed-out Brazilian beans for giving the depth. Other varieties come from Indonesia and Central America for providing the creamy texture. It is medium roasted because you will expect it, so you can make it burnt, bitter, or mild. If you are searching for Lavazza coffee beans, it is recommended to use this blend until you have a specific reason.

Lavazza Grand Espresso

It is one of the best sellers of these Lavazza coffee pods. It is blended from the Highland South Asian and American, Central American beans to give a medium roasted and balanced flavour for producing the coffee with excellent taste. There are some hints of chocolate and spice brought by roasting. Like every blue bean, it is also suitable for creating espresso coffee drinks, but it is suited to macchiato or espresso.

Lavazza Tierra

The Lavazza coffee pods do not have the Fairtrade coffee in range. It prefers instead of having control over the money is doing and going in own way. The Lavazza Tierra is also a sustainable project which combines the living conditions and product quality for three scale coffee communities involved.

They have done single the three disadvantaged coffee communities in Peru, Colombia, and Honduras and offer technical assistance to make the farm more sustainable. Communities are in high to medium altitude areas and produce the Arabica beans, resulting in a paper blend. Therefore, Tierra beans instead of the Fairtrade will have good factors because of this initiative. Thirty percent of rainforest Alliance beans also reinforce this in the Tierra blend. 

Lavazza Crema e Aroma

It is broadly the same price and taste as the Super Crema Lavazza coffee pods, slightly fruitier and lighter in the aftertaste. Such as many blends, it is made using Arabica and Robusta beans. Unlike the other combinations, Robusta beans are of good quality and Arabica mix unwashed and washed beans.


We have provided a guide in the article to choose the Lavazza coffee pods. You can select whatever taste you love. It is found that these coffee beans are mostly nearest to the Super Crema Jn Lavazza range with classy flavour, which you will expect from a far expensive blend. It has got rich taste and presumably because of the Robusta presence. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for coffees with flavoured syrups and iced coffee. Mostly every coffee is medium roasted.


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If you’re a regular visitor to, you will know that I recently share a press release sharing the news that the High Fashion brand Jimmy Choo, had launched a Cafe; for a limited time only at Harrod’s Knightsbridge. My initial impressions were good because the images of the pink aesthetic and pretty cake looked quite inviting.

Jimmy Choo Opens Choo Cafe Pop-Up in Harrods

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