Sasha Shantel X Swizio – The Future of Business Cards

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It’s become pretty apparent that my personal brand has taken the front seat this year. I spent a great amount of 2020 training to be a life-coaching, taking on some clients and really honing my skills as a Transformation and Mindset coach. 2022 is the year I really focus on connecting all the dots and making a substantial living from all of my passions. With that being said, my personal branding is really vital for me going forward.

When I first started in 2015, I ordered around a 100 cards from Vistaprint. Although, they were pretty good quality. They ended up being quite costly and what’s worse is that when I changed my number, I had to of course invest in more business cards and this was not at all cost effective. As you can imagine, I ended up spending 100’s of pounds in replacements, of which none ever lasted that long.

With this being said however, I still value the importance of networking using business cards but wanted something that was not only cost effective but that I could use again and again without having to order cards in bulk.

Step in Swizio to save the day!

The Swizio business card is a an excellent alternative to conventional business cards which allows you to network and share your business details at a tap on a smart phone.

You have the option of purchasing either a SMART CARD or a SMART TAG and both options come in a range of different colours and styles. I opted for a Smart card in Amethyst Purple but you have a wide array of different colours to choose from.

The Swizio is the the world’s smartest networking business card which allows you to network at a touch on your phone. Once you download the Swizio app and create your online profile, just by tapping your card to the web browser, you can automatically share your details to the individual you’re networking with.

I added my official website as my linked page and each time I scanned my card in the web browser, my website automatically loads.

The same thing works with the Smart Tag which is stuck on the back of your mobile one, once the recipient you’re networking with scans the back of your phone, your tag will provide all of the necessary information you have added to your Swizio online profile.

Swizio makes networking easier with three easy steps:

  1. You activate your card via the Swizio mobile app which is free to download via the App Store
  2. Create your business or personal online profile
  3. Tap your card and start networking

Swizio is without a doubt the future of networking as it offers the following:

  1. Unlimited taps allowing you to connect to thousands of contacts without them having to download the app.
  2. It’s environmentally friendly which means instead of there being waste from the printing and distribution of business cards (there are over 10 billion paper business cards are printed every year worldwide)
  3. The card is accessible to all phones as it works through NFC technology and all smart phones are in fact NFC compatible (I know, I didn’t realise that either!)
  4. Your details can be updated at anytime. Just by updating your profile details on the app, you can share your changes immediately.
  5. Cost effectiveness. The Swizio business card is only £29.99 and the Smart Tag is even more affordable at £14.99

I am in the process of getting my website rebranded and designed so getting my Swizio business card is essential for spreading the word with new contacts on the move. If you’re serious about advancing your networking whilst helping the environment, this is an investment worth making. Get yours HERE


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