How To Resize A Ring

Do you have a favourite ring that needs to be resized? It’s a common problem a lot of us face, whether the ring is too big or small, it simply doesn’t fit you. Now, there’s a very obvious time where this can happen, and it’s when you’re getting engaged. Your partner could buy a ring without knowing your ring size, and it just doesn’t quite fit. So, you have to get it resized. 

However, there are also many other instances where a ring can no longer fit you. Perhaps you lost a lot of weight and your favourite ring is now too big? What do you do in this situation? 

Well, if you keep on reading, you’ll learn some tips on how to resize a ring:

Can you resize a ring yourself?

Technically, it is possible to resize a ring yourself. But, there are a couple of sizeable caveats. Firstly, this only works with rings that are too big, and secondly, it’s pretty much only a temporary measure. You could keep doing it over and over again, but it’s entirely up to you. 

Essentially, you need a glue gun, and that’s it. You can get one on sites like Glue Guns Direct, and they are fairly easy to use. Load your gun up, then place some of the hot glue around the inside of your ring. When it dries, you can sand it down with a nail file, so it’s nice and smooth. Basically, you’ve now got an extra bit of material that makes the ring fit your finger. Nobody can notice it unless they really inspect your ring, but you still may want to get it professionally resized. If it doesn’t bother you, this is a really cheap hack to resize a ring at home. 

Can all rings be resized?

The majority of rings can be taken to a jeweller and resized without any problems. There are a few cases where this might not be possible, and it’s usually revolving around the style of the ring. 

For instance, eternity rings can’t be resized. Why? Because this style has gemstones incorporated all the way around the band. It means the jeweller would need to remove the gems to make the ring smaller. The same goes for tension rings, which usually have a diamond held in place by pressure from the two ends of the ring. Again, it’s impossible to resize as you’d lose the pressure, meaning the diamond would fall out. 

Furthermore, the type of metal makes a difference too. Sorry to say this, but anyone with a rose gold ring will not be able to get it resized. This is simply because the metal is too brittle and can crack or break during the resizing process. Tungsten is another metal that doesn’t resize, but this is because it’s too hard. Some people also have difficulty with titanium rings as some jewellers find them too challenging to work with. 

But, if your ring doesn’t fall into any of these categories, it can easily be resized!

How to resize your ring professionally

The best approach is to go to the jeweller that you bought the ring from. Here, they can measure your finger and get the correct sizing for your ring, before beginning the process. 

For rings that are too big, they tend to cut out part of the band and solder it back together. Everything is then cleaned and polished to leave no evidence of the cut, and the ring will fit perfectly. 

For rings that are too small, they need to stretch out the metal and might even have to solder some extra material onto it. Then it’s made back into the correct shape and polished to look brand new. 

Both processes shouldn’t take longer than two weeks, though simple rings without any stones in them will be a lot quicker than this.

What if you can’t resize your ring?

There are a few options you will have to turn to if your ring can’t be professionally resized. Firstly, you could try the DIY idea mentioned in the beginning. Alternatively, if you have just bought the ring, you can try sending it back. If it’s an old one, try selling it and buying a new one in your correct size. 

Or, and this is the most expensive alternative, you can ask your jeweller to recreate the exact ring in a new size. 

All in all, you should be able to resize a ring in most scenarios. Hopefully, this has helped you learn what to do in this scenario, so you don’t throw away a perfectly good ring because it’s a size or two smaller/bigger than it needs to be!


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