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It’s become quite apparent that I don’t see myself as a fashion blogger now because to be quite honest with you guys, I don’t have to the money to invest in buying clothing to promote other people’s brands for free! LOL. Guys, honestly, on top of that fact I also don’t have the time to shoot fashion content regularly so moving into the realms of being a lifestyle blogger and penning content around all the areas of a modern woman’s lifestyle suits me perfectly.

That being said, a number of weeks ago, I did manage to squeeze in a quick shoot with Syianne in dress from Nasty Gal that I purchased in the first lockdown. (Yes, I realise its been a while) If you haven’t already noticed, I absolutely love their dresses and have purchased a fair few. This was again another top purchase. The material practically slides down my skin and also is not tightly fit which is a added bonus as I have been eating a LOT lately. Some for pleasure, other for emotional reasons. Either way, I’ve gained a few pounds so this dress is brilliant because it allows space for this shapely woman to breathe.

Nasty gal dresses are always perfect price wise and this was a great purchase at £14. Obviously, I cannot link the very dress I purchased as it’s no longer being sold. However, I was able to source another one that is quite a near enough fit and is also dirt cheap too. Check it out HERE

Dress and Sandals – Nasty Gal
Accessories – Primark


The Finest Green Co-Ord You Need

Stylish, sophisticated, good quality and affordable. This co-ord ticks all the boxes. I will continue to sing about just how great co-ords are for the modern woman’s closet. You can create three outfit options by purchasing one co-ord outfit. Not only is this cost-effective but it saves you time because once you put the three looks together, you can grab and go. Fashion made easy.

The Perfect Orange Dress From Shein

This orange dress is sexy and classy and deserved to be shot in a studio setting. I love the tie-up front detail and the sexiness of this fit. I have always said and I will say it gain. Orange looks fabulous on tanned on black skin, everything was popping.


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