The Three in One Wonder Product Hike Hiko

I have always taken my skin and hair care seriously, perusing online reviews, magazines and speaking with friends to find out what products they recommend. I never take this for granted, especially as I am now in my 30’s; I recognise now more than ever before that the preservation of my skin and of my hair will directly correlate with the products that I use on these areas.

I was very excited to be given the opportunity to work with the brand Hike Hiko, their THREE in ONE wonder product THE GRAFTER works to add moisture, to condition and to soothe your hands, hair and body. Yes, it takes care of all three key areas!

I was really intrigued to find out how good this product was as to be honest, I had come across a number of beauty brands that said that their products provide moisture, however I found they were actually the opposite and left my skin feeling dry.

However, as soon as I opened THE GRAFTER, I realised almost instantly that I had come across something very special. So special that I will be continuing to implement this product into both my skin and hair care routines.

THE GRAFTER contains Red Manderin, Tea Tree and Vanilla and is made up of 100% natural ingredients, 100% pure essential oils and is vegan friendly.

The moisture in this product is honestly unbelievable. In my recent REELS I demonstrate how shiny and healthy my hands looked after one application.

The consistency and texture of the GRAFTER is like a moose, as it practically melts into the skin. The scent is also a beautiful concoction of the ingredients included.

Having tried the product on my hands, I also applied into onto my recently shaved legs and the product almost instantly blended into my skin, leaving a healthy shine, an abundance of moisture and it also soothed the slight stinging sensation that had been left behind after I had used the hand razor.

I move between wearing wigs; mainly for photoshoots and wearing my natural hair. I have always struggled with a dry and sensitive scalp ever since I caught cradle cap from my cousins as a child. Recently, I was struggling to retain moisture in my curls which meant they were shedding more and I was left feeling unsatisfied with my hair after each wash day.

At my last wash day, I opted to oil my scalp with THE GRAFTER as well as mixing it with leave in conditioner to apply to my ends and throughout the body of the hair and results were more than satisfying. My curls were restored and my scalp felt soothed, was moisturised and smelled absolutely amazing.

The founder of this amazing product, Stephanie will be the subject of a Women Who Slay feature very soon so make sure you subscribe to the website to read more on how the brand Hike Hiko came into fruition.

More vitally, there isn’t really anything that THE GRAFTER cannot be used for, it is well and truly as must buy product for all your skin and hair needs.

The below information is taken from the Hike Hiko website and further demonstrates why this product is an absolute must!

Image copyright of Hike Hiko


The Grafter is rich in anti-aging antioxidants which tackle fine lines and smooth out wrinkles. It calms redness and reduces skin blemishes like acne. 


“I’ve also had a lot of success minimizing the appearance of  dark marks, stretch marks, and improving the overall texture of my skin.


Moisturize your dry skin, it’s brilliant on sensitive or broken skin so you can use it to soothe irritation caused by eczema and psoriasis.


“The Grafter provides over 72hrs moisture and is rich natural ingredients that soothe my temperamental skin.”


Soothe scalp irritation and reduce dandruff, promote healthy hair growth.


“I often recommend using The Grafter as a conditioning hair mask on damp hair, after washing out The Grafter your hair will feel unbelievably soft.”

Other Uses…

Use it as a shaving balm, prevent shaving bumps, condition facial hair, use can a protective balm on cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Soothe rashes and bug bites, or simply use as a massage balm

As far as pricing is concerned, THE GRATFER is marked a phenomenal price point, and is more than affordable which is amazing for those of you who may be on a tight budget.

I have not been left shocked by any product on the market but Hike Hiko have honestly stepped into the hair and beauty market and have brought a product that is worth every penny. It’s only a matter of time before Hike Hiko become a household name, you can mark my words on that.

Get your hands on this wonder product HERE

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