4 Things I wish I Knew In my 20’s

Long time guys, how are you doing? I know it’s been a while but to be honest this hiatus was a much needed one. I have been taking the time to rekindle my love of blogging again. That’s meant I have binge read a number of lifestyle blogs online for inspiration and its really helped awaken my blogging senses. I actually want to write and have a few posts sitting on my chest. To be honest; it feels good to be back. What was even more refreshing was seeing how many of you actually still stop by when I haven’t said anything for months. (if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is) At a time when many would try to convince you that blogging is dead. I have found; on the contrary; there are so many amazing women out there launching blogs everyday and why not? As much as social media is blowing up with Tik Tok challenges and endless REELS, there really are a bunch of us savvy bloggers who still revel in some good old word play.

That takes me onto the subject of this post. As much as I love being in my 30’s and I honestly do mean that. I have found that on my numerous hours of reflections (and I mean numerous hours!) there are a few things that if I could go back I would do a LOT differently. As much as I try my best not to have any regrets (which is pretty impossible to be fair) I have pondered on what life would have been like; had I had a different perspective in my 20’s .

As far as my 20’s go, I had a pretty good run. I did a lot of amazing things; I travelled quite a bit, I started and successfully completed university, I had some cool and challenging job roles, I had an awesome love story, I learned how to drive, won a pageant, hit a lot of dope events and run an award winning magazine. It was in-fact a very wicked period.


I’m referring to making decisions that had I had the inclination to explore back then, I know; without a shadow of a doubt that I would be much further along now. With that insight I would probably be RICH now and although I’m working on that; it’s still refreshing to just wonder. So what are the four things I wish I knew in my 20’s???

Number 1…

I wish I read more books from the world’s seasoned business men and women, coaches and mentors.

I was a English Literature graduate so trust me I read. But, I didn’t read enough personal and professional development books. Some of the most successful people I look up to now have read thousands of books and have learned key insights which have subsequently helped them to develop in their lives, careers and business ventures. There are a vast amount of books that I could be in the position of re-reading now, instead of having to start them now; for the first time and to be honest; it’s pretty crap. However, I’m counting my blessings that I can read as many are not as fortunate. My mum did her best to encourage me to read more and I wish I listened! Knowledge is definitely power and I know things would have been a lot different now had I took reading more seriously back then.

Number 2…

I wish I invested in more quality clothing pieces, accessories and didn’t buy everything I liked in that moment.

Shopaholics, you know the damn drill. I would shop when I was happy, shop when I was sad, shop when I was paid, shop when I was about to be paid. I was an emotional shopper. To be honest; I dread to think how much money I spent on clothes in my 20’s. I think of what I could have done with that money right now and I cringe. But, life is also for learning right? and believe me when I say, I’ve learned.

The biggest turning point came when I was decided to decorate my room late last year and my mum and I had the mammoth task of moving clothes from my room to the living room. It was actually emotional, carrying one massive black bag out after another. I honestly felt at one point I was going to pass out!

This stems back all the way to 2001 when I had just left secondary school and was about to start college. I had NO money and wasn’t able to buy new clothing for what was; at the time one of the most important times of my life. I had two pairs of jeans. Quite literally. It was a tough time and the moment I started working and received my first paycheck was the day I began shopping like clothing was going out of fashion.

It was only in my 30’s however that I realised that sometimes it’s not always about the quantity but more about the quality of the pieces that you are purchasing. Cheap and cheerful doesn’t always cut it and when it comes to defining your personal style, quality pieces always come out on top.

Number 3…

I wish I bought a house or flat….

See I was just too comfortable at home and being an only child can do that to you. I just wish I knew that investing in general was a good look. Getting into renovations and selling the property on is something I am quite engrossed in now, but had I started looking at it in my 20’s I would have had a property portfolio by now. Then there’s the idea of having a property abroad because you can get so much more for your money outside of the UK. I have so much respect for the young people now who are purchasing properties. It’s such a vibe. Back in my 20’s it was such an after thought. I also had better credit then too and it ain’t as pretty as I would like it to be now. But, we move…. and I am happy that I now have it in my minds eye; as well as so many inspirational people I know personally or online who are doing it and helping me to keep my focus on it.

Number 4….

I wish I knew that investing in assets was better than saving.

Believe me, when I was younger I was a damn good saver. I saved and saved and saved but what would things have ben like now if I had known the value of investing. Investing in stocks, in shares, in property. Chile; things would have been popping!!!. I have to give thanks though that I now understand that this is the way, the truth and the light when it comes to raising my financial game over the next few years so that’s what my mind is on. Multiple streams of revenue to grow and to invest.

I guess in life, there are some lessons that you do have to learn later in life, but I am happy that I have figured it out now. I think differently now and I want a different level of living for myself. It’s also a case of; when you know better, you can do better and now that’s what I am focused on.

I’m really interested to find out what you wish you knew in younger years… please do share your feedback if this resonates with you.

Until the next post,

Love & Light,



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