GetSylky Goddess Brightening Polish Review – So does It Do what it says it will?

Guys, we made it! We have left the dreaded year that was 2020 behind and moved into 2021- in yet another lockdown. I know, I know, there really isn’t much to report on that front but I for one can say that although the year was shaky in parts, it was also a revelation in other ways. That of course will be left to another blog post; let’s leave the heaviness for another day but on to a positive note. I AM BACK blogging!

It was something I had been toying with for the longest time because we have been told (far too often) that blogging is dead and that visual posts (i.e- posting on YouTube, Tik Tok, Reels) and everything else in between is the in thing. And, as much as I will not despute that because the figures don’t lie. Writing, will forever be my first love and has always been one of the the best ways for me to express my self. I also know for a fact that many of you; still stop by my little home on the web to see if I posted and leave the occasional comment; which is greatly appreciated to.

So I am back and have a backlog of posts that I should have penned between Autumn-Winter 2020; but we move and in this case it’s better late than never because the information I am going to provide in this post is in my opinion worth the wait.

It’s been more than a minute since I posted a beauty review but you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them on because during lockdown, I have been using a number of new products and have been more than impressed with a few of them.

Anyone who knows me, and I mean REALLY know me, will know that I am addicted to shaving my legs and any hair on my body for that matter. I don’t access laser hair removal treatments and tend to just reach for my Nair – for the private bits and a normal soleil hand razor for everything else. However, I have been more than aware that using handheld razors over time would start to darken the skin on my arm pit and after years of shaving, the area has become quite dark and there is also scarring where I have cut my armpit on previous occassions.

So, long story short; as much as I can’t say the darkening of these areas bothered me (because tbh, life poses many more challenging issues) I was intrigued to find whether the Goddess Brightening Polish by GetSylky would be able to lighten the area and make it more smooth.

Having seen them advertise for bloggers to reach out and sample their polish, I submitted interest and was pleased when they said they wanted to work with me. Fast forward a few days and Royal Mail didn’t fail to deliver at a reasonable time and just like that, I received my 150g sachet of the Goddess Brightening Polish to review.

When I review, I break down every. single, detail and will by no means ever say a product is good when it isn’t. So let’s take this step by step starting with looking at what it says it will do and sharing whether it actually did just that!

The Get Sylky Goddess Brightening Polish is formulated to aid with dark scars, uneven textured skin and hyperpigmentation.

Sweet smelling and pleasant texture

I set out to use the product for two weeks, every single day before coming drawing to any conclusions, taking images on my progress using the product.

The first selling point I will immediately point out about the product is how good it smells. It smells good enough to eat and this is aligns to the fact that its ingredients include: Orange peel powder, Raspberry seed and Strawberry fragrance oil.

To use the product you dampen the area of your skin that you want to use the product on and then you rub the brightening polish in circular motions in the area for a minimum of 30 seconds. In my case, I applied the polish on for over 60 seconds. What I found was that the product rubbed into the skin with ease. One thing I did notice straight away was that it stained by french manicure acyrlics so if you have white nails, keep this in mind during application.

Aside from that, there were no skin irritations and I continued to follow this routine for 14 days, increasing the time I applied it in some instances. You don’t need much product when applying to an area like your armpits so the 150g sachet was enough for me, however, I would suggest that if you are using it on larger areas that you may need to invest in two packets to use over this duration.

By end of Week one using Goddess Brightening Polish

I am not going to lie, I was pretty apprehensive about it as I had used a number of products similar to this is the past and saw absolutely no difference. However, as the pictures show, there was a considerable improvement which now having stopped using it over a month ago, I can still feel the improvement and see the after effects. The area is still smooth and has still not reverted back to being as dark as it was.

End of week two using Goddess Brightening Polish

GetSylky is a new formulation on the scene and I can see its potential. I was thoroughly pleased with the results and would definitely invest in the product outside of our gifted collaboration. Interestingly; a few weeks ago (in that precious space before we got locked down again!) I visited my boyfriend and recognised that pretty pink packaging that GetSylky comes in. He had ordered it after doing some research online and this is also a good time to tell you that it can be use on women and men which is great, so gents (cause I know you guys be reading my posts and supporting and I love you for it) there’s definitely nothing wrong with getting yourself some GetSylky to tackle any areas that you feel need some extra smoothness.

Now let’s look at the pricing….

As I was sent a sample sachet of 150g and didn’t pay anything for this. I can quite quickly point out that if you visit the GetSylky website, these such sachets are not available to view. Instead, you have the option of purchasing the same 150g but are shown a rather attractive container. This costs £37.00 before shipping is applied. You can also purchase a larger amount and opt for a large 500g container which will cost you £65.00 before the shipping is applied.

For many, this price may be a little steep, however; I will say that if you want to get brighter, smoother and clearer skin. GetSylky may be what you are looking for.

Having explored the rest of the website, there are a number of other products that the brand sell that have helped people with dark scaring and uneven texture from the effects of acne and the results have been astonishing.

Without a doubt there are a number of products on the market that currently offer what this brand offers. However, having tried this product religiously for a fortnight and achieving such positive results. If you’re able to purchase it, it would be highly recommended.

There are a number of positive reviews flying around about the benefits of this product, but here’s one you can trust 🙂

Visit the official GetSylky website to read more on the ingredients as well as to shop their current range.


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