Five Fire Questions With Artcha

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I didn’t have to think too hard about who I wanted to feature on #musicizlife next because it will always be a no-brainer. If you know your UK Hip-Hop scene like I know it, you will know that Artcha has always been the name on the street. A talent that continually blesses us with his presence; this humble soul who I can personally call my friend has been making music for years. I was lucky enough to buy his mixtape from him titled “Therapy Sessions- Chapter 2” back in 2008 and I have been watching him and listening to him in awe ever since.

Artcha is like fine wine, with age he becomes that more refined and that more sweet. He has almost effortlessly moved from year to year, not conforming to industry standards and makes music from the heart. Though 2020 has been a challenging year, it has also been one of great success for him.

Fresh from the Adidas Originals sync, a Top 40 album and shows in Brooklyn NYC, the artist and producer Artcha, right off the back of his smash hit “Brand New” stepped up to answer my Five Fire Questions!

Why did you get into music?

Firstly, because of my mother’s musical influence around the house growing up. Everyday tunes were playing, from rare groove to reggae. After this diet of great music, as a teenager, I got into Hip Hop and the rest is history. My first album was Doggystyle (Mum bought it for me but had NO idea of the content until I played it loudly! lol). From these early lessons, listening, studying and training I began my musical journey in College and have continued to find my sound and voice. For me, music has evolved over time and I have a very clear direction on what I want to put out now, especially in these strange times.

What music artists inspire you the most and why?

As mentioned earlier, Snoop Dogg and Doggystyle captivated me, then it was Ice Cube, Wu-Tang clan, Redman, Busta Rhymes etc. I would say Andre 3000 made me realise there is no one style of musical direction for a rapper. Outkast helped me gain confidence in my own production style and continue to make music I feel and enjoy, commercial or not. 

What pearls of wisdom have you picked up in the music industry along the way?

Trust in your own ability and voice. This takes time and 10,000 hours X 10,000 hours. Know your craft because so many people will try to direct your path. Also if you are doing music for the money? Stop. Financial motivation does not create long lasting records in my opinion. Hard work, care, love and opportunity is the recipe for success. Only you can determine what is successful. 

Biggie or Tupac?

Yikes… I have to go with 2Pac just for the sheer volume of music he created while he was here. They are both legends of course.

What makes your music stand out from the rest? 

My personality always shines through in my music as an artist and a producer. I am soulful, quirky, introspective and radical. If the music moves me, I am happy, regardless of industry standards. The legacy is strong. 

Thank you Superwoman!! Proud of you 
Artcha x

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Interview by @iamsashashantel @Musicizlifeuk


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