Five Fire Questions With UK Rapper Razor

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It’s the consistency that I respect more than anything. UK artist Razor is a rapper with a vision and a cause and hasn’t lost sight of that since the day I met him; now nearly a decade ago. With the launch of my Music page “Music Iz Life“, I knew I wanted him to be the first artist I featured. Razor deserves to be mainstream and hit the big time. I’ve known this for a while; and my ears don’t lie, neither does my ability to know talent when I see it. I guess, it’s only a matter of time…

Why is being consistent as an independent artist important?

It’s important for an independent artist to be consistent because if you are not consistent, people will not take you seriously and when you are consistent, you reach your goals more. For instance; say you want to lose weight, say one week you are eating rubbish and then another week you are eating well, you’re not really going to see results in that way. But when you are consistent, more things happen for you, more doors open for you and more people take you seriously and you ultimately see more results in yourself and progress further.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from everyday life and right now, i’m doing a thing where I am going through my Top 10 US rappers of all time discographies . I take turns to listen to their albums so when I am working out; because my thing is lyricism; I listen to how they rap, their rhyme and their word play and I try and embed that in my head and I draw inspiration from that. Also, from everyday life. My music is very “heart on your sleeve”, it’s more real. 99.9% of the things I rap about is based around how I feel and what has happened in my life. So for instance, say I have a conversation with my mum, my mum can say something to me that would trigger something in my mind but I won’t know how much it has an effect on me until one day I may be writing a song and that situation will come up. My everyday life, my everyday surroundings, my friends and my personal life all play a significant part. 

When you feel like giving up, what pulls you back from the brink?

I have been doing music for so long and I have a lot of friends who don’t only do music but are within the creative industry in different ways. I have a lot of friends who are cameramen, a lot of friends who work for music companies etc and we will meet up or I will be on social media and I will see them making moves; doing their thing and that’s what keeps me motivated because I feel like; it’s like friendly competition.

If my friends are progressing or the people in my circle are progressing and I’m not, or I’m seeing them enjoy doing what they love; it makes me get that fire again or that inspiration again to start enjoying what I love as well. Music is important to me and my life. If I didn’t have music, I would get down. I feel most powerful and at my strongest when I’m doing music and performing. When I’m not doing music, I’m like Samson without his hair and when I am making music I am like Samson with his hair!

What music artists inspires you and why?

I have a long list of artists that inspire me. My Top US  include; rappers Nas, Papoose, Eminem, Canibus, Method Man, Drake, J Cole, Joe Budden. Then there are the UK artists like Ghetts and Wretch 32, Skepta, Chip and P-Money. All these people are my inspiration because they are lyricists and the majority of us young black people grew up on council estates and less fortunate situations so I feel like they have come from where I’ve come from. They are young, their black, their like me and they’ve used this outlet to do something special with their talent. They are kind of like role-models and I see myself in that light. I’m using my talent to try and get through and be an inspiration to others. 

What makes you stand out from other artists?

What makes me stand out from other artists is that I am my own person and I personally feel like the way I write and tell stories and the way I flow is my own. No-one has been through what I’ve been through, apart from me. No-one sees things the way I see things, no-one looks like the way I look. That’s what makes me stand out and being authentically me is everything.

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Interview by @iamsashashantel_
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