Yes, Another Life Update- What I’ve Been Doing In Lock down

I know. It’s been over two months since I committed myself to coming on here and writing a post. This time around though; the delay hasn’t been caused by my not being interested, or motivated. In fact I’ve had a massive amount of both of those things recently. It’s more because my life is more busy now than it was before lock down.

For many, this has been hard to comprehend since; in effect; I have more hours to use in the day than I would before. But, in all honesty, my life is jam-packed and I thought it would be good to get back on here and share my happenings with you all.

As an aside; can I just take a moment to thank each and everyone of you who has continued to frequent this blog. I am so sorry I have been inconsistent but I have been working on so many other things and trying to make them all align. Nonetheless, I see you. I’m still shocked that my O’WOW review is getting the amount of reads so many months after I originally posted it. After logging in and seeing comments pending I was adamant it would be SPAM but it turned out to be more questions about my O’WOW experience.

This has really prompted me to really embrace my blogging journey again and I honestly don’t believe that blogging is dead. As much as the world is more driven towards social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat as well as YouTube (more on this later). I am a blogger at heart it’s through writing where I can and have always been best at expressing myself and to be honest, I really want to master the blogging game and commit to being consistent on this platform. Fundamentally because it is really important to me. I also feel I can monetise this platform more effectively. As I write this; my mind is going crazy with blog topics and things I can do with this platform. 

So guys, grab a cup of tea (or prosecco) if you are feeling fancy and follow me along on what I’ve been doing in lock down. 

Working from Home

Covid19 has completely changed the direction of 2020 and I know many of us had held high hopes for what was supposed to be their ‘best year yet’ Saying that, even in the chaos and the uncertainty, I can say that this year hasn’t been my worst! (I know it’s pretty shocking right?) but I honestly feel that this year my life has changed for the better. 

Being blessed to work from home is one thing that I need to speak on as I appreciate there are millions of people within the UK and around the world who have not been given the opportunity to do so and as a result has had their livelihood ripped away from them. Therefore,  I haven’t taken this for granted. A few months ago I moved to another role within the employment sector (a sector I have worked within and excelled within for over a decade). and had only been in the role for three weeks when covid struck. For a while, I was uncertain whether I would still have the role and really didn’t consider that my employers would give me the opportunity to work from home. Nonetheless, fast forward seven weeks later and I am still actively working from home. Learning new aspects of my role, getting to know my colleagues and getting my first REAL taste of what working remotely feels like and it’s definitely something I am ready to do more of. 

As much as I am at home and I am managing my time around work and my own activities, I have found that time overall is going increasingly FAST. I feel that I am quite an expert at managing my time for the most part. But, the days have been merging into each other and as a result; I am always left feeling that I could be doing and fitting more in. Nonetheless, thanks to not having to be concerned about paying for my office or my rent, I have been reveling in this opportunity and making it pay dividends in other areas of my life. 

Increased my exercise sessions

Yes!! I have been killing it in the exercise department recently. Gyms have never really been my thing anyway (sorry gyms) and I have always much preferred working out from the comfort of my own home. In this case,  lock down has been very beneficial to me and I am more toned and fit than I was when I entered into lock down. I actively work out for an hour a day; and move between cardio and resistance training. I have NEVER been a person who gives one day to abs, another to arms, another to the legs. I just personally don’t see the benefit of that and feel I get the best from my body when I work the entire thing. Fitness overall has changed so much over the years and to me, trainers complicate exercise and incorporate all these fancy moves and equipment when its just not necessary. I have felt my mind is stronger and I feel powerful beyond measure and exercise is a contributory factor. 

Developing my online coaching

This has been a life-changer and really showed me that my life had made a complete 360 over the last year. Life coaching has changed my life and everyday, after each session I know I have found my calling. Being at home has enabled me to start online coaching and it has made me more excited to return to my office and deliver coaching sessions from there too. I have always taken a great pleasure in helping people to fulfill their potential and now I am doing it within my own company. Coaching has given Women Who Slay more of a foundation and has created new avenues for me to pursue. Need a coach? Have a look at our services. 

Celebrated my 35th Birthday 

Last year’s birthday was dreadful. I can’t really pinpoint why it was a massive fail but it honestly didn’t meet my expectations. I ate out and that was great (because food is bae) but it wasn’t memorable. This years birthday on the contrary was brilliant. No, I couldn’t go out to eat and meet up with my friends as I usually would and no I couldn’t go out and party or venture to a cinema or theatre but somehow the day was memorable. I dressed up, ate cake, drank wine and in that moment, lived my best life. Getting older is a blessing and during this time, many people have lost their lives. I took this day to reflect on time gone by, to celebrate the fun moments I had over the past decade and really reveled in the woman I am today. 

Launched Slaybabe

Yes, because I’m not busy enough already! My mum and I decided to create a sister site for Women Who Slay . I ran my own positive lifestyle online magazine In-spire LS Magazine for 8 years and through this, I developed a major passion for creating life style posts around the areas of style, beauty and wellness. However, we were unable to incorporate these topics into our female empowerment brand, so we created a new site. Being at home allowed us to work swiftly on this and within two weeks, we had developed our logo, designed and created our own website and also create a Instagram and Pinterest account. Slaybabe is now live and I feel a major sense of achievement when I look at it. (Please do subscribe to the site for upcoming updates.)

Launched the Then Everything After Podcast

This has been so fun so far and I initially a project I had turned down as I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough time to commit to it along with running my own websites. But my friend Mr Simon McKenzie changed my mind about it. I now am apart of the trio which consists of myself, Simon Mckenzie; creator of the media platform Street Levels and the King of Trainers, Franklin Boateng. 

Our podcast covers current affairs and topical chat where we ask our watchers/listeners to engage in the conversation and suggest solutions to any of the questions that we raise. 

The podcast has received really great feedback from all who have taken the time to listen and interact with us. Being in lock down enabled me to consider the possibilities of starting a podcast and to take the time to tap in to; what has become a phenomenon. 

Watch it HERE

I’m also considering posting each episode of my podcast on this blog, I’d love your feedback on this.

Taking Charge of My Personal Development

Being in lock down has also given me more time to tap into my personal development and to read more, complete a gratitude journal, watch more TV and to take time for me. I’ve changed my room and made my immediate environment work for me. I’ve organised all my paperwork and developed the relationship I have with myself. I also put on more face masks, gave myself a pedicure and really put my self care at the forefront. 

I appreciate that many people are struggling during this time and I would by no means say completely that this time has been challenging for me in a number of ways too. Nonetheless, being in lock down and having the time available to me that I wouldn’t usually have has changed my life for the better and I will be coming out of lock down a different woman to who went in and I am very grateful for that. 

Until the next post 🙂

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