What Is CBD Oil and Is It Safe To Use?

You have probably been hearing a lot about CBD oil as it has been seeing a huge rise in popularity recently in the health & wellness world with studies citing its effectiveness from chronic pain relief to calming anxiety. But what exactly is it? How safe and effective it is to use?

What It is?

CBD oil is made by extracting cannabidiol from the cannabis plant and diluting it in carrier oil, often coconut or hemp seed oil. Although a marijuana related product and contains cannabidiol, CBD is not psychoactive as it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),which is the compound that produces the “high” in marijuana. As well as becoming more popular, CBD oil is affordable, comes in capsules and oil forms which varies in strength and is available in most health shops online and on our high streets.

Is It Safe to Use?

Although all of the possible drug interactions have not been tested as yet. There are a few serious consequences that may result from using CPD oil, such as its use with anti-seizure medications and blood thinners which shouldn’t be combined with the usage of CPD oil. Studies have shown that CPD oil can also raise liver enzymes, which indicates the possiblity that the liver is under stress.

However, overall CPD oil is reportedly safe and not addictive, the other possible side effects are considered to be quite mild such as:

* Drowsiness

* Diarrhoea

* Fatigue

* Dry mouth

* Reduced appetite

* Increase in liver enzymes

* It can also interact negatively with certain medications as listed above.

6 Benefits of Using CPD Oil

Although research into the benefits of using CPD oil is ongoing below are 6 benefits that are reportedly associated with its use:

1 – Chemotherapy. You may have seen reported frequently in the past couple of years of the benefit of using CBD oil in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. CPD oil is reportedly considered to help in reducing nausea, vomiting, and pain in those receiving chemotherapy treatment. In studies the growth of tumors and the spread of cancer throughout the body are decidely slower in the usage of CBD oil.

2 – Pain relief. Marijuana has been used to treat pain for nearly 5,000 years according to records and CBD is one of the primary components of marijuana that soothes pain. CBD oil has been found to reduce pain in several studies. Given that many traditional pain medications have many negative side effects and are addictive, CBD oil is very attractive for treating chronic pain.

3 – Anxiety. Many anxiety medications are addictive and often produce undesirable side effects, such as insomnia, agitation, drowsiness, and sexual dysfunction. CBD oil has been found to be effective in treating anxiety and reportedly isn’t addictive.

4 – Hypertension. One study showed that CBD oil lowers blood pressure and may reduce the likelihood of stroke and heart attack.

5 – Reducing Acne. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil are believed to be responsible for the reduction of acne in regular consumers of CBD oil. It’s also believed that CBD oil reduces sebum production.

6 – Diabetes – Studies shows that CBD oil can also reduces the incidence of diabetes in rats by over 50% when CBD oil is ingested.

Although there are many other benefits for using CBD oil than the ones listed above, and comes with minimal risks for many people, more research needs to be done inspite of its growing popularity.

* As always my loves, I recommend that you consult with your GP before using any medicinal products*


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