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As I’ve got older, I’ve taken more time to experiment with not only the beauty and fashion products that I incorporate into my lifestyle but I’ve also been more open to sampling diverse scents as I work on honing my personal style and what feels best for me. I am always sampling different scents and although I have my favourites including classics like Chanel No5 and Calvin Klein Obsession. There are a number of many emerging perfume brands that have popped up onto my radar that I am really feeling recently and one of these such brands is Celie & Couch.

Born from the love of one man, Jordan who makes these timeless scents by hand and within his own studio. Celie & Couch was initially brought to my attention during the height of the pandemic within the UK they’re proper Yorkshire Perfumes that offer something quite different from what you conventionally find on the perfume market.

With so much time on my hands; as I was working from home. I had more time to truly take in the quality and workmanship between each scent and to sample each scent and what they individually offered.

Even before I read up on the brand to develop an understanding of its beginnings, from the overall conceptualisation to its development. I could see from the design that it had a vintage feel about it. As per the brands marketing it describes itself as being:

How the interwebs smelled in the late 2010’s Stan-culture. An olfactory snapshot immortalised in the slang of the ear-meditating on fandom’s evolution and impact on human discourse.

Celie & Couch

I was sent a number of samples from their launch collection, a selection of 6 scents; all with their own unique blends and stories. I was given detailed descriptions of what the main ingredients and keynotes of the perfumes as well as suggestions as to when where they would best be worn. Whether it be at an event, worn at home or day to day to day. This is something I haven’t experienced from other brands and I appreciate the personal touches. Being a bespoke perfume brand has its perks, particularly when you’re starting out as you can afford to give these personal touches.

I could tell by taking the time to sample each perfume individually that a great amount of time was spent to ensure this scents maintained their longevity. I wore them all for long periods of time to test their overall effectiveness and they each lasted for over 6 hours without having to be sprayed multiple times. I truly love the smell of each scent as they bring something different.

Moor An’ Th Loike


Is a super strong scent that honestly; only needs one spray on the significant pulse points. It has top notes of Black pepper, Jasmine, heart notes of Thyme, Juniper Berry and honey which stands out as it is scent that has a sweetness that isn’t at all sickly sweet but is instantly recognisable. Its base notes are made up of Fir Needle, Orris and Civet. This is one of my favourites from the collection as it quite simply smells goof enough to eat.


SNAPPED is described a being the scent that you reach for if you’re going to a high powered event. It exudes decadence and luxury and the scent overall encapsulates this. It is made up of the Top Notes- Frankincense, Myrrh and Bay. Heart NotesCedarwood, Rosewood and Agarwood and Base Notes of Vanilla and Nutmeg.


CORNY is a scent that is fruity by nature and is a scent that is described as being best worn at any time of the day. Out of all of the samples; this is my least favourite but don’t let this alarm you; I am more drawn to the stronger smelling scents however this is still a pleasant fragrance and just like the others effortlessly lasts for hours without having to spray too much. Top Notes- Pineapple, Black pepper. Heart Notes- Bay and Amber and Base Notes of Cinnamon leaf and patchouli.


FAVE will probably be one of your favourites as it’s a scent you can way day to day at home. For many years; I used to only wear perfume if and when I was going out. However, the older I get; the more I realise that you should be seeking a signature scent that you can wear throughout every period of your life and being home is no exception to this. Top NotesStrawberry and Black Pepper, Heart NotesCumin and Base Notes are made up of Cinnamon Leaf, Vanilla and Nutmeg.


SCRAN ON TH’ GARTH is the one scent out of the collection that left me feeling nostalgic. These perfumes are made with view of taking you back to a period in the noughts, but this smell took me way back to my childhood. It is described as an everyday scent and for any occasion and I have worn this one’ most days. In my opinion; it is the perfect scent for the day time but can easily be worn in the night time too. A pleasant and rich scent all around. Top notes of Bergamot and Lemon, Heart Notes of Geranium and Lavender and Base Notes of Patchouli and Vanilla.


Is quite a standout scent and is one I would definitely reserve for evening occasions as it is tad bit strong for the day. Nonetheless, it is another beautiful and lasting perfume which solidifies this A* collection.

It is quite hard to believe that Celie and Couch is the work of one man and yet, with the attention to detail in the branding, the uniqueness of the website and the passion you sense from the perfumes themselves. The launch collection from Celie and Couch will be one not quite like anything available to purchase right now.

I love all of the scents as they each bring something quite different and I am excited to see where this brand goes over the coming months and years. With Mother’s Day around the corner in the UK as well as the fact that so many women are buying scents for themselves; just because. Celie and Couch is a perfume brand that I highly recommend you check out.

Hit the link HERE to find out more about Celie & Couch as well as seeing what other products they have on offer.


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