Here’s Why You’ve Got A Friend In Chocolate When Your Period Comes Around

Period self-care strategies have become big business in recent years, and for good reason – all women have periods, after all! While stuffy and outdated views might have seen us hiding that fact, we modern ladies are lucky enough to live in a world where periods, and the things we do to alleviate them, are out there for everyone to see. 

It’s thanks to this out and proud nature that we’re now way better at taking care of ourselves, with most of us even stocking our own self-care period boxes. complete with hot water bottles, cotton pads galore, and all of the romcoms that we need to get through. Yet, despite inevitably craving it when the time comes, many of us continue to leave chocolate off the tick box in the assumption that it’ll do more ultimate harm than good

In reality, though, well-sourced, delicious dark chocolate most definitely deserves a place on your period recovery list. In fact, consuming dark chocolate now (and for the rest of the month if you fancy) can provide a wide range of period-based health benefits that we’re going to discuss here. 

Benefit 1: Getting rid of cramps

Periods wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the crippling, shooting pains that keep you up at night and stop you from wanting to get out of bed in the morning. This is the main reason why your hot water bottle is such an unquestionable feature of that survival box, and it’s the main reason that you’re going to want to keep dark chocolate on hand. A high potassium content can especially help to stop your muscles from retaining water and feeling bloated (aka crampy). That, along with the delicious treats that make it possible, should help your womb to feel a little happier in no time.

Benefit 2: Helping with those mood swings

In extreme cases, PMS can turn us into pretty terrible people to be around. Luckily, dark chocolate offers the answer here too, and not least because of the endorphins that it helps us to release. Serotonin and flavonoids present in dark chocolate also offer significant mood-boosting benefits that are worth making the most of. After all, when else do you get to argue that chocolate makes you a better person and have the science to back it up?

Benefit 3: Great skin, great feelings

Most of us experience breakouts around our periods, but that needn’t be the case with dark chocolate around. Its hydration benefits are especially useful for helping to plump skin that otherwise gets dry and irritated at this time, as well as improving collagen content. Essential minerals like copper, iron, and zinc also promote cell growth that both nourishes your skin, and detoxifies for glowing appearances without a spot in sight. 

Obviously, all things are best in moderation, and eating solely dark chocolate during your periods isn’t exactly going to leave you flourishing. However, there’s definitely a strong argument for keeping a bar (or two…) close to hand next time the red monster comes knocking.


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