Dumping my Acrylics for Azizi Press-On Nails

My lovelies, I’ve been a way from the blog for over a week and let’s just say life has taken over in many ways and I have been struggling with my motivation levels of late as many aspects of my personal life has changed and I can’t lie, it’s knocked me. However, I know some of these happpenings are for the best. While i’ve been away however; I have been taking care of my beauty and self-care needs because I am an advocate to the saying that no matter how you feel you muct show up and stand out no matter what.

Although I have been working from home since March 2020, I have been dedicated to conducting my own pedicures and changing my nail designs. I briefly returned to the nail shops when they opened after the third lockdown. But the thing is; nails are very expensive to maintain, the acrylics are very damaging to your own nails and on top of that having to venture into a nail shop every fortnight is time consuming. Saying this, I still need my nails to be pretty so I have been using press on nails for a number of months and I’ve come across some quality nails that look as good as the ones in the shop.

I ordered a set of coffin shaped, pink tip nails from a brand named Azizi via Ebay and I fell in love instantly with the quality of both the nails and packaging. I received a complete set with additional nails to spare. The nails did not come with glue, however, I purchased glue separately and opted for the type that you paint on like a polish (also from ebay)

The Azizi nails collection is affordable and looks amazing. They are perfect for when you want to shoot content (my fellow bloggers will know) or when you want to pop out with friends or for a date night.

Extra Tips

  1. Make sure you prep your nails beforehand. Making sure the nails are clean and dry before application.
  2. Have a nail file handy so you can make sure the surface of your nail is as smooth as possible.
  3. Carry your glue around with you and carry additional nails with you. (yes they look amazing but you really need to keep on your toes with press on nails have a habit of popping off when you least want or need them too!)

Visit the Azizi nails website to check out their amazing collection of nails to suit all tastes HERE


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