Outdoor Fitness: 3 Things That Support Your Workout

Tired of working out indoors? Taking your fitness journey outdoors is a big step for many people. Fitness clothing is a snug fit, so you might be more conscious of how you look. You’ll also be ‘showing’ how fit and healthy you are to the outside world. So you may become distracted by what others are doing, saying, looking at. Not to mention, you will be heading down and up, rougher surfaces so you’ll need to have a can-do tougher mindset. All of this can sound daunting, but here’s how you can take it all in your stride.

Supportive clothing

Workout clothes such as leggings are very popular because they don’t just fit nicely, but they support your body. Companies like Curves N Combatboots have been making leggings that specifically support different body shapes. They use a blend of fabrics, with the main being polyester. It will stretch with your body and hug it when you’re in a resting position. It will also absorb sweat and stop your legs from feeling sticky. This allows your body temperature to remain in a productive region, burning calories but not overheating you. Just remember to air dry these leggings, avoid the tumble dryer. Supportive clothing boosts self-confidence, and makes you feel good when you look in the mirror. But the practical benefits will be felt when you’re pushing out the reps.

A plan

How many times have you done an aerobics session outdoors, but you didn’t really have a plan before you left the house? Doing a workout in a park, in a field or on the beach, is a great way to get fresh air and enjoy the sights as you get fitter. The thing is though, if you don’t have more than half a plan and think you’ll just ‘make it up’ as you go along, then that nice scenery and nice day, has gone to waste. So always write out your plan, either on your phone or on a notepad and take it with you. You can use a fitness app to plan your workout and have an audible tone or voice, telling you what is next after each set or exercise. 

Check the weather

You may think one morning, ‘it’s a bright sunny day, time for a workout around the block’. But by the time you have got up, got dressed and stepped outside, it’s raining! You should always check what the weather is going to be like, the night before you go for a jog or have an aerobics session outdoors. Take note of any allergy concerns you might have. Check the UV warnings, heat indexes, wind speeds and directions and if there is any fog due. You can avoid being drenched in your workout clothes, while potentially miles away from your home.

Outdoor fitness is not as simple as indoors. You have to bear in mind the traffic, bicyclists, dog walkers and oh yeah, the weather. So plan ahead and go have a brilliant workout. 


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