You’ll Figure It Out

You’ll Figure It Out

It’s not only a New Year that we are entering, but it’s also a brand new decade and I don’t know about you all but that actually means something to me. I’m 34 now and by the end of the next decade I will be approaching 50 (God willing) and this has put so much into perspective. I decided to sit down and really do some soul searching. I had spent the best part of the last decade trying out different occupations. For a time I wanted to be an Actress, Hell I studied it in college and University along with my English degree and for a time, I was obsessed with becoming famous. I also modeled, entered pageants (by the way I regret NONE of this) but my heart and head just wasn’t it.

I started and ran an online magazine that started off as a passion project but soon snowballed into a venture that I no longer felt passionate about either (but I am grateful for how much it opened up my life and the opportunities and blessings that came with it). I also did radio presenting and although I loved this, something still wasn’t adding up. It was only when I hit rock bottom in 2015 did I realise that I needed to make a change and go into something I REALLY loved.


It took 4 years of self-exploration and self discovery to realise that I wanted to help women and make a difference in their lives. However it was only this year that after a full year of shooting fashion blog posts (because for a while I wanted to be an influencer too!) that I realised that I wanted to be a life coach and develop my brand Women Who Slay.

I’ve spent years dedicating my time and energy into things that I thought at the time was expected of me. And when they didn’t pan out to anything I felt like a failure. I spent years feeling some type of way by the Instagram models on my feeds and I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere. Shooting endless fashion looks and chasing followers, engagement and attention became tiresome and I realised I had practically stopped blogging about all of the things that I wanted to write about. I’d stop writing about music, film, food, etc and was bending my back out of place to shoot looks in clothing I wasn’t even getting paid to wear!


So guys in a nutshell. I’m tired of dressing up, I’m tired of stunting, I’m exhausted by trying to stand out and fit the mould. Instead, i’m embracing who I am now and this version of Sasha is not trying to be model, a fashion blogger, a radio personality or an actress. I’m Sasha, a qualified Life coach who loves her brand and is determined to just be herself while encouraging women (and men to do the same.)

So, from now on you are going to see more of the content I WANT to share on here and LOTS more from my coaching brand. I’m excited by what is to come in 2020 and I want to leave you with this message. It’s okay if you take a long time to figure out your path. It’s also okay if you feel lost or at a loss. You will figure it out. Trust YOUR process and more important, be true to you.

Outfit details
Co-ord- FemmeLuxe
Boots & Coat- Ebay
Shades- Roman Road Market, London
Fendora- Primark