An Attitude of Gratitude – How to practice the art of giving thanks

An Attitude of Gratitude – How to practice the art of giving thanks

We all have problems, God don’t I know it and some of us deal with them in different ways. Some people find speaking to someone helps, others find just taking time out to themselves to do the things they most enjoy; i.e listening to music or going to watch a movie helps. For others it’s a little more difficult and they may need therapy or some form of professional help to assist them on getting back on track.

I have found that at one point or another I have needed all of the above and I’ve made sure I’ve accessed help when I needed it. One thing that I have learned along the way however is that what really helps me to get back off of the floor when I’ve been knocked down or what helps to lift me up when I feel deflated is showing gratitude.

Of course, there is no doubt that some issues will not go away just like that and they will take a great deal of work and effort to resolve. But if you’re reading this and you’re feeling stuck in a rut and feel nothing is going your way. I urge you to come off of social media for a moment, turn of your television and immerse yourself in acknowledging all the things that you love about your life.

Because the truth is, when things are not going our way, we tend to forget everything that is going well. We overlook our achievements and wins and choose to focus on our losses and not enough on our successes. The practice of showing gratitude is the perfect tool for this as it puts things into perspective and really helps you remain positive when things feel bleak.

The easiest was to incorporate this is to your day is to start small. Simply write down 5 things/people that you’re thankful for. It could be a family member, your bed, your clothing, your job/career etc, the great Summer we’re having. Then commit to writing this 15 minutes before bed and gradually increase till you have up to 25 items to be thankful for each day.

I have started to practice this as well as deep breathing (that’s a whole new post 🙂 ) and I’m starting to manage my stress much better. There is of course still bad days where my mood dips or I feel alone is some of my dilemmas. However, for the most part and more often than not I am turning to the act of showing gratitude to lift my spirits and I urge you to do it too!

To help you along your way, I’ve created a free printable to get you started. I am confident that if you haven’t done so already, by implementing the act of showing gratitude into your life, it will work wonders for improving your mood and helping you to see your glass half full instead of empty.

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