Supporting Local Business is VITAL- Get To Know Dollyhouse Clothing

Supporting Local Business is VITAL- Get To Know Dollyhouse Clothing

Why are the majority of us so inclined to supported brands and people we do not know but when it comes to people we know, whether it be friends, family or associates, we turn a blind eye? I cannot and will not say I am completely guilt free in this. But, over the last few years I have really made a conscious effort to step up my game and buy from designers and independent brands that are home grown. I recently collaborated with Dolly House Clothing, a local business run by a fabulous woman named Donna who hand makes and prints or her designs from her home office. The effort and attention to detail on all her clothing is amazing and the African themed clothing and garments with an inspiring and empowering message are complimentary to my taste.  I love the way that she not only caters for women, but also makes garments for men, children and the home too.

Recently, I had the opportunity to wear two of Donna’s creations, an amazing tie-up detailed African print top and the POWER tee- which got a LOT of attention on my Instagram. The true question is, we like these brands but how many of us actively reach into our pockets and invest in their growth?

I say this as I was recently scrolling through my Instagram  explore page and saw another picture of Kylie Jenner, sitting in the midst of designer bags and it made me think, it has been everyday folk who have helped to heavily line her pockets and while she fast approaches billionaire status, when was the last time her audience supported themselves or their own? It’s a question which needs to be apart of a wider debate and perhaps I may pose the question on my Instagram stories and discuss in when I finally do give my YouTube a good go in 2020.

I loved both items and found them really easy to style just by simply changing my accessories; whether it be my shoes, bag, jewellery or all three, I would highly recommend her clothing and will be rocking them again in a later post.


Visit the official Dollyhouse Clothing website HERE


Look 1
Tee- Dolly House Clothing
Belt & Jeans – Primark
Heels- Everything5pounds
Glasses- Roman Road Market- London
Clutch- New Look

Look 2
African print top- Dollyhouse clothing
Jeans, Heels and Belt- Primark
Shades- Roman Road Market, London
Heels- New Look